Retired LEO/Law Enforcement Officer: Off/Extra- Duty/Secondary Employment Software Sales Consultant

Sworn US Law Enforcement
PowerDetails - Orlando, Florida

Jun 8, 2021

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Application Deadline:
Dec 31, 2021

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$TBD based on qualifications and experience monthly

Job Description

PowerDetails (, the industry leader since 2006 in off/extra-duty secondary employment scheduling, is looking for several retired LEO’s to join our team in the U.S. as Outside Sales Representatives (LEO Senior Advisors) that will focus on their home geographic region.

The LEO Senior Advisor will sell a Law Enforcement Software Platform for the off/extra-duty and overtime markets within active Law Enforcement organizations, unions, and cities. The LEO Senior Advisor MUST be a well connected, retired Police Officer/Sheriff Deputy that wants to help Law Enforcement Agencies improve their internal off-duty staffing methods and help Officers make more money in a fully compliant, transparent manner.

PowerDetails also offers a 100% turnkey outsourced Managed Service Provider (MSP) Solution for those agencies that want to engage a 3rd party to support all users in day-to-day service requests, while the agency maintains Policy Control and Administrative oversight.

The successful candidate will have strong multitasking ability, as well as excellent follow-up and communication skills.

He/she must be a high level communicator with success in negotiation. We are asking the LEO Senior Advisor to start in the target market where they have the strongest relationships and then move out from there.

This position is telecommuter, remote, and/or work from home. We do not need the Representative to know anything about technology or the inner details of our software. We have a team to discuss those topics with the prospect once the meeting is set. We also don't need you to close the sale, just to set meetings with the Agency decision makers so we can do the demo and help you close the deal. Of course you will be involved with that process so you can be an advocate to that LE Agency and your relationships.

Additional Information


● Client support and networking –- Acquire and maintain a network of sources to identify new sales leads.

●  Communicate with prospects and leads to identify and understand their needs.

●  Align value propositions with prospect pain points to sell software and solutions

●  Meet with Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, unions, or any decision makers within Law Enforcement agencies on a regular basis.

●  Reporting -- Maintain daily reports of sales activities, including calls, orders, sales, lost business and any other issues. Participate in regular sales meetings.

●  Knowledge -- Have basic knowledge in off-duty, special events, overtime, and secondary employment that Law Enforcement officers typically work.

Job Requirements

  • Age: N/A
  • Education: N/A
  • Experience: 10-15+ years aggregate active duty Law Enforcement; 3-5 years leadership within their department

Additional Requirements:

●  Separated from service in good standing

●  Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills

●  Proven organizational skills and attention to detail

●  Ability to position software and services to stakeholders and decision makers

●  Paid as a private contractor, 1099 relationship

●  Paid for setting qualified meetings and generous double digit commission after department runs first job on software

●  Annual performance-based bonuses paid at PowerDetail’s discretion

Contact Information

Roger Dunnavan

424 E. Central Blvd, Suite 349
Orlando, Florida 32801
phone: 407-553-2803

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