Police Officer

Raleigh Police Department - Raleigh, North Carolina

Mar 8, 2019

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Application Deadline:
Mar 9, 2029

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$41068 annual
Academy Graduate:
$42300 annual

Job Description

The Raleigh Police Department is searching for qualified individuals who want to join our corps of law enforcement professionals. Our organization is proud of our professionalism, our values and providing the best services to the citizens of Raleigh.

Officers protect life and property through the enforcement of laws and ordinances; patrol assigned areas; respond to calls for police service; conduct preliminary and follow-up criminal and traffic investigations; conduct interviews; prepare written reports and field notes of investigations and patrol activities; apprehend criminals; and testify in court. Work requires extensive contact with outside agencies and the general public.

Additional Information

The Raleigh Police Department is continuously accepting applications. For more information please visit www.joinraleighpd.org

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: High school graduate or equivalent
  • Experience: None
  • United States citizen or naturalized citizen
  • Must be of good character and moral background
  • Be a licensed driver and able to obtain a valid NC Driver's License
  • Have corrected vision of 20/20 (applicant can not be colorblind)
  • Applicants must successfully pass the state required reading comprehension test
  • Applicants must pass the physical fitness test

Contact Information

Recruiting Unit

Raleigh Police Department
6716 Six Forks Rd
Raleigh, North Carolina 27601-1330
phone: 919-996-1343

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