Castle Hills Police Department (TX) - San Antonio, Texas

Sep 15, 2021

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Application Deadline:
Nov 15, 2021

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$15.37 hourly

Job Description

Public Safety Telecommunicators serve as the central point of communication. They dispatch for police, fire, EMS, public works and code compliance while answering all incoming 911 calls, non-emergency phone calls and handling all corresponding documentation and paperwork. They utilize exceptional multitasking and critical thinking skills to evaluate and coordinate the appropriate response across multiple departments to emergency and non-emergency calls for service while ensuring the safety of the responders and the public.

Additional Information


Telecommunicators are responsible for quickly and efficiently answering all incoming 911 emergency phone calls as well as all non-emergency administrative calls. The Telecommunicator shall evaluate the call and dispatch the appropriate personnel in a timely manner alerting them to any possible danger. They monitor all radio frequencies as assigned by the Communications Division and promptly acknowledge all radio transmissions and respond appropriately on all channels in a calm professional manner. Telecommunicators maintain a link of communication between police, fire, EMS, public works, code compliance, other law enforcement and civilian agencies and the public. They are responsible for relaying pertinent information to the proper personnel, whether it is via radio, telephone, teletype, fax, email or in person. They are responsible for the entry, completion, maintenance and filing of all reports, logs and forms under the responsibility of the Communications Division ensuring that they are correct and accurate. Telecommunicators may be assigned additional duties by the Communications Supervisor as needed.


  1. Operating a sophisticated workstation comprised of: multiple computer screens, software programs, geographical information and camera systems, state and federal clearinghouses; multiple phones including 911 telephone, teletypewriter and text-to-911 sessions, administrative phone, radio console and recording systems.
  2. Promptly answering 911 and administrative calls, analyzing the needs of the caller, sending and coordinating the appropriate responders while prioritizing the safety of the responders, callers and the general public while documenting all pertinent details in the appropriate computer systems in real time. If a public safety resource is not needed, providing caller with the appropriate information resources.
  3. Managing challenging callers including distressed, angry, hostile, foreign-language speaking, people who are deaf or people with mental illness using appropriate techniques
  4. Operating multiple computer and data sources and conversations simultaneously without mistake
  5. Tracking and prioritizing multiple simultaneous ever-changing events
  6. Work levels can fluctuate from minimal to high volume in seconds requiring the Telecommunicator to quickly make major life and death decisions involving people, resources and property with limited direction
  7. Utilize local, state and national computer systems to access, enter, maintain and clear digital and physical files of sensitive and confidential information while notifying responders of any potential danger
  8. Attending Continuing Education training throughout the Telecommunicator’s career
  9. Shift work involves 24/7 365 coverage which includes working: mornings, afternoons, nights, weekends and holidays, for 8 and 10 hour shifts. It also includes assisting in covering shifts other than those assigned to, hold over and call back to ensure at least minimum staffing at all times

Job Requirements

  • Age: 18
  • Education: High School Graduate or Equivalent
  • Experience: Prior experience is preferred but not required.


Strong moral ethics and integrity; ability to understand and operate communications equipment including radios, phones, computers and CAD programs; strong typing skills; exceptional multitasking skills to handle multiple critical situations simultaneously; problem solving and critical thinking skills to make quick, correct decisions protecting the safety of responding personnel and the general public; ability to maintain composure, compassion and efficiency even during high stress situations; detail oriented; ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with fellow employees and with the general public; ability to understand and execute oral and written instructions and directions; ability to work alone and as part of a team; dependability; ability to sit for long periods of time; ability to adapt including in fast paced high pressure situations; ability to work all shifts including nights, weekends and holidays; ability to practice sound safety and work habits; maintenance of excellent mental health in a high stress environment


Part Time starts at 15.37 with additional Degree and Certificate pay available.

Contact Information

Shannon Parker

Castle Hills Police Department (TX)
209 Lemonwood Dr.
San Antonio, Texas 78213
phone: 210-342-2341 ext 226

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