DEPUTY/ POLICE **LATERAL-(up to $102,700) and $15,000 SIGNING BONUS

Sworn US Law Enforcement
King County Sheriff's Office - Seattle, Washington

May 9, 2022

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Application Deadline:
Aug 1, 2025

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$$73,400 annual
Academy Graduate:
$Not required annual
Lateral Transfer:
$up to $102,700 annual
Top Pay:
$$102,700 annual

Job Description

++DEPUTY/ POLICE **LATERAL - (up to $102,700) and $15,000 SIGNING BONUS++

Expedited hiring process for lateral candidates.

If your state hours show to be equivalent to Washington state requirements, y++ou will qualify for our two week equivalent academy and Expedited field training for qualified lateral candidates++.

Out of state lateral hires may be eligible for reimbursement of qualifying moving expenses up to $5,000

The King County Sheriff's Office-(KCSO) have 12 contract cities. This means KCSO conducts the day-to-day police services for these cities. These cities provide an environment for smaller agency style policing, as KCSO provides for larger agency styles policing in the unincorporated areas.

++EXAMPLE:++ Though the car and uniform in these cities says "POLICE", they are actually King County Sheriff's deputies.

* Years of law enforcement experience count toward eligibility for most specialty units for lateral hires

* Retire with state retirement as early as 53 years old.

* Out of county take home vehicle. ++Lateral receive take home car immediately upon hire.++

  • Potential annual savings in time, gas, insurance, maintenance, convenience, etc. of between $3000-$5000

* Paid medical and dental

* Firefighting Unit (AARF) -dual certified deputies, serve as state certified LEO's and firefighter at the regional airport in King County.

* Marine/ Dive Unit -Over 12 boats that navigate the local waters.

* Air Support Unit- Four helicopter pilots and over four helicopters.

* TAC 30 Unit -SWAT

* Digital Forensics Unit

* Longevity premiums

* Educational Incentive

Additional Information

Job Requirements

  • Age: 20.5 upon entry into the state academy CJTC.
  • Education: High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Experience: at least to years for Lateral. Less than two years will be considered Entry-Level

Contact Information


King County Sheriff's Office
516 3rd Ave W116 King County Courthouse
Seattle, Washington 98104
phone: 206-423-7473

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