Police Officer - Entry & Lateral positions open; multiple testing sites

Seattle Police Department - Seattle, Washington

Jan 1, 2019

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Application Deadline:
Dec 31, 2021

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$32.15 hourly
Academy Graduate:
$40.06 - $52.45 hourly
Lateral Transfer:
$44.91 - $48.98 hourly

Job Description

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The Seattle Police Department is seeking individuals committed to understanding and protecting the ethical, cultural and ethnic values of the City of Seattle and its residents as Police Officers. As first responders, Police Officers are vital to public safety and under regular supervision, perform basic police services in accordance with the mission, goals and objectives of the City of Seattle Police Department and in compliance with governing federal, state, and local laws. Entry Level Police Officer describes a candidate with no prior law enforcement experience and those who have completed a self-sponsored academy and have not worked as a commissioned officer/deputy for a law enforcement agency. Exceptional Entry Police Officer describes a candidate who has successfully completed a basic law enforcement academy and FTO, but who does not have the required 24 months of full-time service as a law enforcement officer in the last 36 months in order to qualify as a lateral applicant. Exceptional Entry Police Officer candidates must test with the entry-level candidates, and are not eligible to take the Lateral entry exam. Exceptional Entry candidates should bring their completed PHI packet to the written exam to turn in at that time.

Job Responsibilities

  • Provide for public safety by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting people and property, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws, and promoting good community relations. Explains laws and police procedures to residents.
  • Operates a patrol car. Patrols city streets, areas and businesses to deter criminal activity and promote public safety.
  • Investigates conditions hazardous to life or property; conducts initial investigations of crime and crime scenes; may assist detectives in criminal investigation work. Conducts search and seizure activities as appropriate. Collects and preserves crime scene and evidence.
  • Arrests and/or detains suspected violators of the law. Review facts of incidents to determine if criminal act or statute violations were involved.
  • Records facts to prepare reports that document incidents and activities.
  • Render aid to accident victims and other persons requiring first aid for physical injuries.
  • Transports individuals in custody.
  • Presents evidence and testimony in judicial settings.

The City of Seattle provides police service 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Shift work, including nights, weekends, and holidays, is required

Additional Information

There are four expected Entry-Level and Lateral Police Officer exam cycles for 2021.

The initial application must be submitted via www.seattlepolicejobs.com. Applications are open on a continual basis.

Testing will be conducted online or at a National Testing Network Center. Go to www.seattlepolicejobs.com for more information.

Job Requirements

  • Age: Be at least twenty and half (20.5) years of age.
  • Education: High school diploma or GED
  • Experience: test experience

Hold United States citizenship, OR have legal permanent residency in the U.S. Individuals may not have been discharged from military service under dishonorable conditions. Applicants must meet all eligibility standards by the exam date.

Contact Information

Detective Carl Wilson & Detective Andre Sinn

Seattle Police Department
610 5th Ave
Seattle, Washington 98104
phone: (206) 615-0762

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