TCOLE Certified / Lateral Officer

Allen Police Department (TX) - Allen, Texas

May 3, 2021

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Application Deadline:
Jun 11, 2021

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$66379 annual
Academy Graduate:
$69145 annual
Lateral Transfer:
$80333 annual
Top Pay:
$90653 annual

Job Description

Promotes a secure environment by patrolling, on car, by foot and on bike, the City and assigned districts, deterring crime by presence, assisting in high risk situations, providing special surveillance operations, taking reports, operating Police equipment, enforcing State and local laws and City ordinances, subduing combative or uncooperative citizens, making lawful arrests and keeping the peace on civil scenes.

Enforces traffic laws by patrolling roadways, responding to calls from Dispatch Center, observing violations and making traffic stops, searching vehicles in probable cause is found, issuing citations or verbal warnings and filing reports.

Reports on motor vehicle accidents by responding to accidents, clearing the roadway, interviewing involved parties, observing and recording evidence at the scene, interpreting and drawing conclusions from evidence, making an overall assessment of the incident, taking appropriate actions, issuing citations and filing reports.

Investigates crimes by responding to calls for service, interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects, gathering and documenting evidence, submitting evidence, filing reports, issuing citations, taking suspects into custody, and filing charges through the District Attorney's office.

Maintains positive community relations by answering citizens' questions and providing various other forms of civic service and assistance for citizens, by surveying the public to evaluate problem areas and specific needs and questioning citizens for their opinions on Police matters.

Additional Information

If you meet the lateral requirements, you are not required to take the written exam or physical agility test. You will not attend another academy.


If you are currently a TCOLE Certified Police Officer or will have your TCOLE certificate by May 31, 2021, please review the information below to determine if you would qualify for the Lateral Entry Program.  If you meet these criteria, you will not be required to take the written exam or physical agility test. Once the information has been confirmed, you will be contacted to discuss next steps in the process.  Your starting salary will be based on your training and experience.

You must be TCOLE Certified to be eligible to apply.  Out of state officers may get information on the process to obtain your TCOLE license at  This process will take several months to complete.  

Must have a minimum of three (3) years of continuous service as a paid full-time Peace Officer from a Municipality, Sheriffs' Office or Department of Public Safety.  

A minimum of two (2) years of your experience must be patrol experience handling a full array of Police work to include enforcing laws, investigating crimes, making arrests and carrying a firearm.  

Your experience must be from an agency with a population of at least 50,000 and the Department size will need to be a minimum of 60 full-time sworn officers.    

You will not be allowed to proceed in the process if there are any pending disciplinary actions or investigations for misconduct or criminal activity.    

You must currently be employed by an agency that meets these criteria to be eligible for the lateral program.The Chief of Police or his designee will make the final determination if an applicant meets the eligibility standards. Starting pay is determined by the Chief of Police.

If you do not meet the lateral requirements but are TCOLE certified, testing will be done by appointment.  If you have any questions, email Investigator Gilmore at

To apply, go to

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: High School Diploma or GED
  • Experience: TCOLE Certificate

TCOLE Certified, but don't meet our lateral requirements:

++Entrance Examination++

The entrance examination is a four-part examination, which consists of reading comprehension, basic arithmetic, spelling/grammar and writing skills. A score of 80 or higher in each section must be achieved in order to pass the examination and proceed in the process. A study guide may be purchased at The cost for the study guide is $10.

++Physical Assessment++

The Allen Police Department utilizes a 2000-meter row for the physical agility test. The damper setting must be on 5. Your time is determined by your gender, age and weight. Based on this information, you must complete the 2000 meters within the 50th percentile.

To find your required time:

Look under the Time and Percentage Calculator on the bottom right tab

Enter your gender

Enter your weight

Select your age

Enter 50% in the target VO2 max percentage box and hit enter

Your target time is what you’ll need to meet to pass the test

For more information, go to

Contact Information

Laura Gilmore

Allen Police Department (TX)
205 W McDermott
Allen, Texas 75013-2749
phone: 214-509-4210

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