Lateral Police Officer ($20k-$25k) Signing Bonus

Tukwila Police Department - Tukwila, Washington

Mar 14, 2023

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Application Deadline:
Dec 31, 2023

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$$90,561 annual
Lateral Transfer:
$$110,376 annual
Top Pay:
$$110,376 annual

Job Description

*We are looking for experienced officers that are ready for a change *

We cover airfare and hotel costs for out-of-state lateral applicants to fly out and test with us!

Supportive Command Staff

Supportive Elected Officials

Supportive Community

If you're an experienced officer that is tired of a lack of support from your commands staff, your elected officials and your community and tired of a lack of equipment, resources and career options, then consider making the move today to join our team.

  • $20k-$25k Signing Bonus - Take Home Car Program - 490 hours of Leave Per Year
  • You will NOT need to attend another basic police academy
  • We value your training and experience

Additional Information


  • $100,193 (3 years experience)
  • $105,107 (4 years experience)
  • $110,376 (5+ years experience)
  • 250 hours of paid time off in addition to your vacation/sick leave) can be cashed out annually at your hourly rate of pay (See benefits below)
  • There is no state income tax in Washington State so you actually retain most of your paycheck

Signing Bonus

  • $25k (Washingon State CJTC Certified Officers)
  • $20k (Out-of-state Certified Officers)


  • Sick Leave 144 hours (Annual)
  • Vacation 96 hours (Annual)
  • Paid Holiday Hours 140 hours (Annual - Can be used or paid out annually)
  • Kelly Days 110 hours (Annual - Can be used or paid out annually)
  • Medical/Dental/Vision premiums 100% paid by the city. Officers only pay co-pays
  • LEOFII Washington State Pension Plan
  • Partially city matching 437b Deferred Compensation Plan (Optional participation)
  • Take Home Car Program (Within 30-miles of the city)

Testing Process

  • Written exam (Completed online for out of state applicants)
  • Chief's Interview (Completed via Zoom for out of state applicants)
  • Background Investigation

Upon successful completion of the above three steps, we will fly you out to complete the polygraph, psychological exam and medical exam. These steps are all completed with one trip out here within 2-3 days.


  • Out of state applicants will complete a two-week Equivalency Academy. You will be treated as a veteran officer and the two-weeks are meant to get you up to speed on Washington State specific laws and tactics. This is not a basic academy with marching, yelling, high-stress environment etc.
  • Lateral officers begin with us in a 12-week Field Training program consisting of three phases. As with the Equivalency Academy, you will be treated as a veteran officer. We value your experience and

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: High School or GED
  • Experience: Must be a full-time commissioned LEO with at least 24 months of post-academy experience

Must have been employed as a commissioned law enforcement officer on a full-time basis with a municipal, county or WSCJTC approved federal agency for a period of time exceeding 24 of the last 36 months (post academy experience) at the time of application. Reserve Officers, Auxiliary Officers, Special Police Officers, Hospital Police Officers, Correction Officers and Military Police (MP) Officers do not qualify as laterals. Tribal officers who are not currently certified by the WSCJTC do not qualify as laterals.

  • Academy training that meets the requirements to participate in the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center’s (WSCJTC) Equivalency Academy as outlined here by the WSCJTC.
  • Lateral applicants must have** successfully completed a field training program** (FTO or PTO) and be a non-probationary officer.
  • If you are currently a law enforcement officer but do not meet the time in-service requirements of a Lateral Police Officer, you may qualify to test as a Certified Entry candidate.
  • Lateral applicants who are not currently employed as a full-time law enforcement officer are not eligible to receive the hiring bonus or travel costs.
  • Lateral applicants who were terminated, resigned in lieu of termination or would not otherwise be considered for rehire by their former department or agency are not eligible for a lateral position.
  • Lateral applicants who are on current administrative leave or on any leave status as a result of current internal investigations, criminal investigations, injury or other reasons are not eligible to apply until such time that they have returned to full-duty status.

Contact Information

Victor Masters

Tukwila Police Department
6200 Southcenter Blvd
Tukwila, Washington 98188-2599
phone: 206-455-5887

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