Lateral Police Officer *$25,000 Hiring Bonus

Tukwila Police Department - Tukwila, Washington

Jan 18, 2022

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Application Deadline:
Dec 31, 2022

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$N/A annual
Lateral Transfer:
$100,800 (> 5 Years) annual

Job Description

are you tired of a lack of support, lack of equipment, lack of career opportunities and a lack time off to have a life outside of work?

If so, then consider joining our Tukwila PD team. Our officers work a set schedule with the same days off every week, work out of a brand new state of the art police station, drive new fully-equipped take-home (during work week) Ford Explorer patrol vehicles, workout on duty in our new gym and enjoy the support of our admin, community and elected officials.


We operate in an environment where officer's mental health and wellness comes first. Having happy and healthy officers benefits them, the department and the community we serve. Officers are encouraged to workout on-duty and participate in a variety of benefits and resources to assist them and to maintain a high level of mental and physical fitness. We are a very fitness oriented department with multiple former professional athletes and officers who compete annually in the Police & Fire Championships and the World Police & Fire Games amongst numerous other regional, national and international competitions.

Our officers also enjoy ample time off to enjoy life outside of work with a bank of 236 hours of paid time off in addition to the 96 hours of vacation and 144 hours of sick leave that they accrue annually.


Lateral officers start their careers with us right on FTO (12-week training program) with an experienced Tukwila officer. Lateral's are treated as a veteran officer and not as an entry-level inexperienced officer fresh out of the academy. Within 180 days of hire, lateral officers are required to attend the WSCJTC Equivalency Academy which is a classroom based, college style 80-hour course to bring lateral officers up to speed on Washington State laws where you are also treated as a law enforcement veteran and not an entry-level new hire. Our officers receive a minimum of 24 hours of annual in-service training with many opting to take additional training in many different aspects of law enforcement.

Additional Information

LATERAL APPLICANTS $25,000 SIGNING BONUS! (In State), $20,000 Out of state




  • Airfare and hotel costs are covered by us to fly you out here to test with us. All professional testing is done in one trip over a three-day period
  • Set schedule with the same three days off every week and every other Saturday off
  • 238 hours of paid time off or cash out option annually in addition to accrued vacation and sick leave time
  • Take Home Car Program (During work week)
  • 457 tax deferred compensation plan with partially matched City of Tukwila contribution
  • State LEOFF II retirement plan
  • Off-duty security work available at $90/hour through the Tukwila Police Officers Guild (TPOG)
  • Overtime work available for traffic control, mall patrol, shift coverage and more
  • City paid premiums for health benefits including full medical, dental, vision, and flexible spending account for officers and their families
  • Workout on-duty in our state of the art gym
  • Brand new police station that opened in 2020

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Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: High School Diploma or GED
  • Experience: 24 Months of Post-Academy Experience
  • Must have been employed as a commissioned law enforcement officer on a full-time basis with a municipal, county or WSCJTC approved federal agency for a period of time exceeding 24 of the last 36 months (post academy experience) at the time of application. Reserve Officers, Auxiliary Officers, Special Police Officers, Hospital Police Officers, Correction Officers and Military Police (MP) Officers do not qualify as laterals. Tribal officers who are not currently certified by the WSCJTC do not qualify as laterals.
  • Academy training that meets the requirements to participate in the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center’s (WSCJTC) Equivalency Academy as outlined by the WSCJTC.
  • Lateral applicants must have** successfully completed a field training program** (FTO or PTO) and be a non-probationary officer.
  • If you are currently a law enforcement officer but do not meet the time in-service requirements of a Lateral Police Officer, you may qualify to test as a Certified Entry candidate.
  • Lateral applicants who are not currently employed as a full-time law enforcement officer are not eligible to receive the hiring bonus or travel costs.
  • Lateral applicants who were terminated, resigned in lieu of termination or would not otherwise be considered for rehire by their former department or agency are not eligible for a lateral position.
  • Lateral applicants who are on current administrative leave or on any leave status as a result of current internal investigations or criminal investigations are not eligible to apply until such time that they have returned to full duty status.

Contact Information

Victor Masters

Tukwila Police Department
6200 Southcenter Blvd
Tukwila, Washington 98188-2599
phone: 206-433-1834

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