Spotlight: Midwest Digital brings POV video recording options to law enforcement

Originally a repair center for major companies, Midwest Digital has morphed along with technology

By Police1 Staff

Company Name: Midwest Digital Corp.
Headquarters: Chicago Ridge, IL

Midwest Digital Corp. started as an authorized repair center for Sony, Panasonic and many other broadcast companies, but was forced to evolve to sales as the technology changed. For CEO Brian Falatovich, the result was a transition to pre-owned and new audio / video equipment sales , about a yr ago they included the Pivothead HD video recording eyewear, we believe this is a vital tool for law enforcement. Find out more about Midwest Digital and their commitment to charity.

A pair of Pivothead HD recordable glasses.
A pair of Pivothead HD recordable glasses.

Tell me about the beginning of the company. 
Midwest Digital Corp. was formed back in 1997 as a complete broadcast service facility. We were authorized by Panasonic, Sony, JVC and a number of other broadcast and professional manufacturers.

What was the inspiration behind starting your company? 
Wanted the dream of being a small business owner, with all my previous experiences in broadcast service I obtained that dream.

Why do you believe your products are essential to the Police community? 
Last year at the NAB ( National Association of Broadcast) we found the Pivothead HD video recording eyewear. At Midwest Digital Corp. we took that technology and tested Pivothead's glasses in law Enforcement, Aviation and the trade's marketplace. These glasses record audio and video in 1080P and are supported by many different accessories for memory, battery and even prescription lense's if needed. Now add the software that can categorize the video files and output the results for evidence and DVD storage, you can also add other video files from other sources. The combination of both the glasses and the software can be a great training tool and the applications are endless. By visiting our website you can see all of the model numbers, types and accessories. 

Do you support any charitable organizations?
We are currently working with the Breast Cancer foundation and are donating a portion of every pair of glasses sold from their site's . We are always looking to expand and help others in there needs. If you have an idea, please email us at

For more information on Midwest Digital Corp., visit

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