Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Moves to Expanded Office/Warehouse Headquarters

Brite-Strike® Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. announced today a move to a new 8,000 sq foot office and warehouse facility at 11 Raffaele Road, Camelot Industrial Park, Plymouth, MA 02360.

According to BSTI President Glenn Bushee, "Moving to a larger facility was overdue to support our growing business and to allow expanded production for new products."

"Our core business along with release of new products is securing outstanding traction around the world," Mr. Bushee continued. "Our Flexaton BIL™, Safety Baton will be manufactured in the USA, with 90% made in Massachusetts. Our DLC, Duty Light Camera™ and LED Active Illumination Glove™ line have really taken off," Bushee said.

"We are excited to be bringing new jobs to Massachusetts, which we did without any government funding or loans," he added. "It is a big step to expand operations in these tough economic times. When Scott Brown was elected Senator from Massachusetts we felt that some common sense was being restored to government and has given us confidence to expand. We strive to use veteran-owned suppliers and subcontractors whenever we can," Mr. Bushee reported.

Brite-Strike is the leader in using light as a less-than-lethal option, designing and manufacturing tactical lighting products for police, military and consumer markets. The unique nature of the patented and trademarked products and applications demands the highest levels of training. The new facility houses the Brite-Strike Training Academy, offering state-of-the-art personalized instruction.

Brite-Strike is the key corporate sponsor of STOP AOW, Stop Assaults On Women,

About Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc.

Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc. was developed by two police officers to create world-class tactical LED flashlights with features police officers and citizens can use as a non-lethal means of defense. These lights utilize intense white light in a high, low or strobe setting, which can distract and disorient attackers, while causing no harmful side-effects. The company's Tactical Blue-Dot Series meets or exceeds military specs of armed forces around the globe and are deemed almost indestructible. For more information on the Brite-Strike product line, please visit: Law Enforcement and military personnel are eligible for discount pricing. Contact Customer Service at or 508-746-8701 for further details.

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