Gear and career maintenance for the new year

The beginning of a new year is a great time to assess your gear and see what needs to be cleaned, replaced or updated. Do you have the same belt keepers you were issued in the academy, and now you’re an FTO? Replace them. Is your duty holster starting to show signs of extreme (IE: dangerous) wear? Get a new one. Are the rounds in your extra magazines tinged with green? Get to the range, use them up (and put another couple of hundred rounds through your pistol while you’re there) and get some fresh ammo. Take your belt, your gun, your rifle, and your shotgun out and clean them. Check your baton, your handcuffs, your TASER and the rest of your tools for wear; clean what’s dirty, fix what’s broken…now.

This is also a good time to consider a second gun, another knife, and a well-equipped “go-bag” if you don’t have any or all of those items. Make safety, survival and winning your priority for 2009!

And while you’re at it, polish your badge, check for your commission card, and update your court calendar. Being organized and well-equipped now can eliminate lots of stress later on. Happy New Year Crimefighters!

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