Run your radio cording inside your LBV for a clean, uniform look - a new BlueStone Safety design

While the radio is necessary for officers to have on them at all times, the radio cording can get in the way or cause the officer’s uniform to look unprofessional with bunched up cords hanging off of them. With the increased demand for officer’s to have a clean, uniform appearance, BlueStone created a solution: openings on their custom LBVs that allow you to run your radio cording inside of the vest.

With most standard setups, officers either run their radio cording behind their back and up their shoulder, or they run it straight to the mic tab in the middle of their vest, doing their best to tuck in or keep the excess radio cording out of their way. While this might be functional, it causes two issues: it takes away from their clean, uniform look, and it gives people something to grab onto if they are engaging with the officer.

With BlueStone’s latest design feature, officers can use the 4 openings on their custom load bearing vest to run their radio wiring straight from their radio to their mic clip. The cording can easily be pushed through the opening and come out the hidden center Velcro pocket, so it can clip to their mic clip. As another option, officers can also run the cording for an ear piece through the inside of their vest and have it come out right on their shoulder for easy access. If an officer has their radio on their custom load bearing vest, they can simply undo the side straps when they are done with their shift and take off all of their gear at once. The radio cording stays secured inside of their vest and their LBV is ready whenever the officer needs to put their gear back on. BlueStone constantly strives to improve their design, continuing to create custom load bearing vests for the brave men and women who protect their communities everyday.

BlueStone Safety Products’ custom load bearing vest carriers are completely made from scratch, starting from the roll of material and finishing with a completely custom-fit LBV. These vests blend in with the officers’ uniform shirt and have pouches made out of the exact same material as the vest; This gives the officer a uniform look while maintaining all the health benefits BlueStone load bearing vests are known for (reducing back pain, sciatic pain, heat exhaustion, and heat rash).

Each BlueStone LBV is fully custom made, and allows officers to choose the pouch locations for each of their items (handcuffs, magazines, flashlights, OC, taser, tourniquet, magazines, etc). Beyond that, each pouch is custom made to fit the specific model of items you have (custom pouches made to fit MK-3 OC pouches, Streamlight Strion flashlights, etc). These LBVs are custom made to the Chief or Sheriff’s exact specifications and needs, providing officers with superior comfort while maintaining a Class A uniform look. BlueStone LBVs are backed by a 2 year warranty for stitching and craftsmanship, and are built to last much longer than the competition.

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