Tips for Selecting a Tactical Jacket from STORMFORCE

How would you select a tactical jacket? What factors do you look for when selecting a tactical jacket? When the going gets tough, your tactical gear may be your only protection.

Things to consider when buying a tactical jacket

Here are some important things that you should consider when choosing a tactical jacket.

Mobility requirements: Heavy tactical jackets protect the wearer in extreme weather conditions but they might also hamper dexterity and mobility. In addition, a heavy jacket will also diminish your stamina. There are many light tactical jackets that offer an equal level of protection against the cold.

The terrain is also important. If you have to travel through dense, heavy woods a traditional parka would not be enough. The tactical jacket must hold close to your body so that the material is not snagged by a branch or does not develop a tear. It must also give you easy access to equipment and gear, like holstered weapons.

Climate: Similar to how a knife would not be of much use in a gun fight, a plate carrier cannot help you during a snow storm, even though it is a tactical jacket. Your gear should be suited to the climate you are going to be in, whether it is a summer night or a snowstorm. There are different tactical jackets available for different situations. 

Color: The tactical jacket will be your outermost piece of clothing. If you are in service, the jacket's color must match with your uniform. This needs to be considered. A law enforcement officer who wears a yellow jacket over his uniform when the rest of his department uses a black or a navy blue jacket is going to stand out. Also, note that tactical gear used by the military caters to a different need. What may be suitable in a military situation may not be a good option elsewhere.

Not only for the military

Tactical jackets are special and they are unlike normal jackets. But it does not mean that tactical jackets can be used only by people in the military, SWAT, or emergency response teams. Policemen on patrol, traffic policemen, fire and rescue teams, as well as normal citizens can wear them. 

The best tactical jackets will actually complement the wearer's range of motions and help him perform better by keeping him warm and dry. If you are interested, you can add a hood, tactical pants, or mid layers to your tactical jacket. Tactical jackets worn by fire protection and law enforcement agencies are suited to the requirements of their jobs. Some types of tactical jackets also offer protection in dangerous situations.

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