Spotlight: TYR Tactical's gear keeps LEOs from serious bodily harm and death

Strategically designed, tested and manufactured by former SWAT, FBI and military combat professionals, TYR Tactical lives by one mantra: innovate or die

Company name: TYR Tactical
Headquarters: Peoria, Ariz.
Signature Product: Tactical gear and accessories

1. Where did your company name originate from?

TYR's name comes from German mythology as their god of war and justice. As Norse god and the son of Odin, legend held that TYR presided over matters of law and justice. There's no denying the presence of war in our lifetime and choosing to pursue justice in the midst of war is a virtue often lost - especially when tactical protection enters the commercial marketplace. We chose the name TYR as a constant reminder to strive for greatness in everything we do so that we can help protect the lives of those who would not only seek justice for others but do battle with honor.

2. What was the inspiration behind starting your company?

Through his military service and time as a SME on ballistic resistance and self defense for multiple government agencies, our CEO, Jason Beck, successfully ran another tactical equipment company prior to launching TYR. Immediately after his exit from that company, he knew that as soon as the non-compete was up he wanted to start another tactical company. This time, one that was a family-owned company – not beholden to investors or private equity.

"I wanted it to be family-owned so that I could work with my wife and my kids together," Beck said. "We could create the culture and excellence of the company in a way that would allow it to become a legacy. We believe that it is our fiduciary responsibility to take care of our employees as if they were the stakeholders. We look at things like the insurance plan, the comfort of the workspace and the overall culture of the business itself as essential, because without the employees, we couldn't provide the type of product that can only come from years and lifetimes of professional experience and skills."

3. What is your signature product and how does it work?

With a holistic design approach, we weren't satisfied making tactical vests and pouches with the materials that were commercially available because, honestly, they weren't cutting it. They were heavier and bulkier than necessary. We revolutionized tactical gear by creating a new a material we named PV®. By manufactured design, products that engineered using PV® weigh at least 20% less than comparable products available in today's market. In independent testing, products made with PV® were shown to resist abrasion 7 to 10 times more than any material used by competitors. Once we optimized the materials themselves, we utilized them across our entire line of vests and pouches creating the most effective and lightest weight ballistic resistance products available.

4. Why do you believe your products are essential to the police community?

The truth is, the answer to this question should be a no-brainer, but unfortunately that's not the case for all tactical equipment manufacturers. The simple truth is that tactical gear keeps people from serious bodily harm and death. Acknowledging the gravity of that truth is why our level of commitment and innovation makes us stand out in the world of tactical gear. There is a very serious level of responsibility involved in making life-saving equipment and people can either accept responsibility and refuse to develop cheaper, easier products or not. We whole heartedly embrace the immediate impact the quality of our products have on the military and law enforcement communities.

5. What makes your company unique?

Anyone that has been to our facility will know that our product development team sits right beside the CEO's office. We have a 3,000-foot research and development facility on site so that if we have an idea, we can immediately start testing, researching and designing things. This kind of responsive and strategic flow has helped us build an incredibly effective and cohesive team. We tackle things in a way that allows us to constantly focus and drive forward. It's not something everyone can keep up with. We can run on projects because we have such an amazing group of experts, designers and creators that work great together and we're really thankful for that.

6. What do your customers like best about you and your products?

Whether it's about cutting weight or increasing load capability or inventing new products in response to new threats, we are constantly challenging ourselves to push forward and seek to find the next layer of what is possible. When it comes to things like body armor that are literally a matter of life and death, we believe it is our moral responsibility to make the very best product we're capable of. We continuously push that line every day and ask ourselves: what's next? It's that mindset that formed our motto: "Innovate or die," and it's something we discuss and pursue with every meeting, every product, every day.

7. What is the most rewarding part of serving the first responder community?

Being a family-owned and operated business means a lot of folks that work here - all the way from the C-suite offices to the shop floor - have kids. We've got brand new parents and grandparents that work here and each and every one of us appreciates that these products we're creating are going to allow other families and loved ones the chance to see each other again after their shift or deployment is over. These products we're making aren't for keeping up with trends or dabbling in fashion guru opinions - they are keeping brave men and women alive. That kind of opportunity – to work on things that protect human lives – is both a hefty responsibility and enormous honor.

8. Is there any fun fact or trivia that you'd like to share about your company?

While many people may recognize that we're a ‘family company’ because we're run by a husband and wife, we're also committed to and enormously grateful for the employees and families that work here. We have had multiple generations of the same families that have worked alongside Jason in the design and production of tactical gear since early 2000. We've had some 3,500 to 4,000 employees across several companies and some folks have been great in just one company, but we've also been able to connect so deeply with some folks that they've traveled with our core from one company to another.

We've gotten to see their families grow through new kids, lost loved ones, exciting business travel we've gotten to take some folks on and it's given us an incredible bond. We not only have had fathers and sons working together, but because we have somewhat of an older population in staff, we've even had grandfathers, sons and grandsons all from the same family working with us. It's a real honor to get to connect our family with theirs doing something that we are all so passionate about and committed to doing.

9. What's next for your company? Any upcoming new projects or initiatives?

Hard armor is probably the biggest next step for tactical gear. The newest developments in hard armor components are making a huge difference and raising the bar in the creation of soft armor pieces.

Our latest initiative was a $22M reinvestment in our hard armor production equipment and facility. We've just opened our new 42,000 square foot production site and it is packed with cutting-edge equipment. It houses the two largest ballistic presses in the world alongside enormous autoclaves and gerber cutters. When we say "innovate or die," we mean it. 

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