Leading Body Armor Company Develops Ultra Lightweight GHOST Body Armor Vest

Missouri, USA – SafeGuard ARMOR, a leading manufacturer of body armor with clients across the law enforcement, military, and domestic sectors, has developed new body armor with a superior lightweight design.

Body armor is a key part of everyday life for people in various jobs, including police officers, soldiers, and security personnel: protective clothing is key to maximizing personal safety in extreme situations. For those needing to wear armor for long periods, bulky vests can cause discomfort and affect their focus. SafeGuard ARMOR created the GHOST vest to provide wearers with an ultra-lightweight protective solution, able to defend against multiple threats.

This carrier is made with 100% CoolMAX® cooling material, a high-performance fabric which absorbs sweat away from the skin and moves it through to the exterior for faster evaporation – leaving the wearer more comfortable. The vest offers protection against bullets, up to NIJ level 2 or 3A (providing defense against many types of handgun ammunition, including 9mm and .357 Magnum), as well as against knives and spikes.

The GHOST vest also features adjustable Velcro straps at the shoulders and waist, allowing the wearer to make the fit more comfortable.

“We are extremely proud of our team's incredible work developing the GHOST armor,” said a spokesperson for SafeGuard ARMOR. “In today's world, those who need body armor should be able to enjoy lightweight, comfortable vests which offer reliable protection when they need it most.”

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About SafeGuard ARMOR:

SafeGuard ARMOR is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of body armor, with more than seven years' experience supplying to domestic and business customers across the globe. Today, SafeGuard ARMOR manufactures body armor in the United States and Europe, shipping to over 100 countries. Their range features protective vests at all NIJ levels, providing complete safety solutions against ballistic, edged blade, and spiked-weapon threats.

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