Correction officers need custom load bearing vests too - prevent lower back pain with BlueStone custom tailored LBVs

Over the last few years, the health benefits of police officers wearing BlueStone Safety’s load bearing vest carriers have been explored in great detail. After completing a research study, the Mayo Health Clinic and University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire found that BlueStone Safety’s custom tailored load bearing vests help improve officer's posture by reducing slouching/ rounded shoulders, and they help alleviate hip, lower back, and sciatic pain. While it’s true that BlueStone LBVs help patrol officers with their back pain, they’re also a great relief for another group: Correction Officers.

After the Mayo Health Clinic research study, there were many departments eager to conduct a LBV wear test of their own, including the Santa Cruz County Sheriff. They wanted to see the health benefits that BlueStone load bearing vests provided to their officers, and during their wear test they received positive
feedback. After the wear test was a success, Santa Cruz County Sheriff transitioned their deputies and correction officers to BlueStone load bearing vests.

Correction officers don’t always have body armor or stab resistant armor while on the job, however they still have to carry heavy items like their handcuffs, flashlight, radio, taser, cell phone, and pepper spray. Having these heavy items on their duty belt every day can cause long term damage and pain to their lower backs, just like patrol officers. Because of all the items they need to carry, even if a correction’s officer doesn’t have body armor or stab-resistant armor, a BlueStone LBV is still recommended. It can greatly reduce the pressure on their lower backs by moving their heavy items off of their duty belt, and distributing their weight across a custom tailored load bearing vest.

Besides the health benefits, BlueStone custom tailored LBVs give each correction officer a Class A Uniform look. Each vest is completely made from scratch, and the vests blend in with the officers’ uniform shirt, giving them a professional look. As an added bonus, the custom pouches that hold the radio, taser, pepper spray, flashlight, etc are made out of the exact same material as the vest and they can be positioned wherever each officer would like. This gives the officer a uniform look while maintaining all the health benefits BlueStone load bearing vests are known for (reducing back pain, sciatic pain, heat exhaustion, and heat rash). 

Correction officers work hard to keep themselves and those around them safe. When they are working 8 to 12 hour shifts, it’s important that they take care of their backs and reduce the strain from their heavy equipment by wearing a BlueStone Custom tailored load bearing vest.

BlueStone Safety load bearing vests are backed by a 2 year warranty for stitching and craftsmanship, and are built to last much longer than the competition. These LBVs are custom made to the Chief or Sheriff’s exact specifications and needs, providing officers with superior comfort while maintaining a Class A uniform look. Each vest is fully custom made, and allows officers to choose the pouch locations for their handcuffs, magazines, flashlights, etc.

Correction officers and Patrol officers all deserve the right equipment to reduce and prevent sciatic nerve pain, and BlueStone LBVs can help. For more information or to order a BlueStone Safety custom load bearing vest carrier, please visit:

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