Security Pro USA Proudly Announces Dramatic Breakthrough in Ballistic Protection for Law Enforcement


Security Pro USA is pleased to announce a dramatic breakthrough in ballistic protection for Law Enforcement and security forces. Security Pro USA is now able to provide clear, level IIIA, ballistic shields for tactical teams and first responders.

Up until recently, ballistic shields were a solid affair with a small window for the user to view through. While such shields provided sufficient protection from handguns, they limit the users’ view making it difficult for the user to take in their surroundings, and subsequently identify threats in a rapidly unfolding situation. This limited field of view is one of the most frequent complaints from shield users on tactical teams. It is also one of the reasons why the shield user is best paired with another operator to watch for threats that the shield users cannot see in their limited view.

Compare this to typical Riot Control Shields which are usually completely clear and give the user a wide field of view, but offer no ballistic protection, providing only a barrier to thrown items like bottles, rocks and the like.

The ideal would combine the view of the clear riot control shield, with the ballistic protection of the standard SWAT style shield. Now such a product is available at Security Pro USA. The Clear Ballistic Shield is rated at level IIIA, which is rated to stop up to 44 magnum handgun rounds. The shield is a completely clear polycarbonate material. In its standard form, it is 12 inches by 24 inches and only 1.5 inches thick. This allows for the shield to cover the user’s torso, neck, and head: areas not normally covered by body armor. The whole affair weighs less than 16 pounds and is equipped with both a handle and strap for ease of use.  Another advantage in using the clear ballistic shield is that body camera views are not blocked by the shield. Now a full view of the events can be captured by the body camera, while still providing cover from all common and full power handgun rounds.

Another advantage of the fully clear shield is that the user can deploy it without fear of diminished view and awareness. As a result, a first responder to an active shooter or other rapidly unfolding emergency, can grab the shield and self-deploy to address the threat. It can also be used to provide protection while ushering people out of a scene, and away from danger.

In addition to the standard size, this shield is available in custom sizes and can be made to accommodate the buyers need.


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