Texas schools using patented safety barriers to de-escalate violence and stop active shooters

The Vector is an officer and public protection tool

AUBREY, Texas — Aubrey Independent School district in Aubrey, Texas under the direction of Chief Kevin Clayton is now using Vector Shields for their SRO’s to better protect students in 5 schools.

The Vector deploys as a shield for an officer and a safety barrier for students during day-to-day interactions, stopping punches, kicks, knives and bats, but if needed, allows officers to approach active shooters instantly with rifle-rated cover in front of their faces. The Vector covers where chest plates don’t.

An officer with a Vector Shield.
An officer with a Vector Shield. (Vector Defensive Systems)

The Vector is covert, can display school logos, is not scary to children and is safe around children. UNC Chapel Hill Hospitals Police has been using Vectors for several years with success.

Listen: UNC Chapel Hill Captain discusses the Vector Shields being used at his campus.

This tool is being used at the federal, state and local levels nationwide to stop all sorts of attacks on officers while at the same time protecting children and the autistic by allowing safer and calmer interactions between law enforcement and the public. Vector provides autism awareness stickers for autistic students and families so autistic individuals can put these stickers on their homes, cars, luggage or backpacks so 1st responding officers know that if this person or child is attacking erratically, that he or she could be autistic and not an actual threat to officers.  This provides much safer interviews for autistic children and adults.

The Vector has thousands of safe and successful deployments stopping things like machetes, metal chairs, dogs, punches, needles and kicks used against officers and has prevented barricaded subjects and even prevented would-be active shooters from firing or reaching guns in documented police reports. 

A Texas officer has used the Vector to stop attacks and rescue people from car wrecks as the Vector also works as a breaching tool. It can break windows and handles off of closed doors. Earlier this year, this officer responded to what was originally thought to be an active shooter in a college in Plano, Texas.  He rescued students from closets and other areas in the school using a Vector to clear classrooms, hallways and closets quickly while protected against rifle fire in what turned out to be a swatting call thankfully.  Larger shields cannot be used to quickly approach an active shooter.  They are too cumbersome and heavy.  The Vector is specifically designed by a Special Forces medic to engage active shooters immediately when seconds count to save children.


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