Charitable Effort in an Effort to Save One’s Own Life

SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity’s OFAK Giveaway

Central Fl. - Tactical Emergency Medicine starts with the individual operator first. Being prepared to mentally and physically stay in the fight to keep one’s self alive. Safety equipment like helmets and Kevlar are required pieces - a new standard will soon be the ability to supply combat life saving techniques in tactical situations to injured Team members and injured citizens alike.

SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity is proud to announce another part of the Stephen House SWAT Life Scholarship. SWAT Life, working in conjunction with Bushido Tactical, are giving away ten (10) OFAK pouches.

This is a detachable medical pouch design allowing the operator to have quick and easy access to his own medical kit. The OFAK (Operator First Aid Kit) medical pouch is big enough to hold enough medical supplies for gun shot wounds and minor injuries. Bushido Tactical designed the pouch to hold a CAT tourniquet on the outside for bi-lateral, one handed operation and added a front compartment for 3 chemical / snap glow sticks for low light situations or extraction markers. The MOLLE quick detach adapter allows for the operator to remove the medical pouch rapidly and have access to his medical supplies in his hands or lap making it easier to get what they need when needed.

Opportunity to apply for the OFAK Give-Away will close on October 8th. Selection will be announced on October 15th.

"SWAT Life was founded in the memory of a fallen Team Leader killed in a SWAT Operation in 1989. Then Tactical Emergency Medicine was a wait for an ambulance to arrive. Commitment to combat medicine will remain a mainstay at SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity. We know that once you have committed to a tactical EMS program most will wonder how they did without it. We are pleased to work with a Bushido Tactical on such a worthy cause.” Cleyton Bray, CEO


The OFAK Give-a-Way scholarship award is open now through October 8th, 2013 at

To learn more about Bushido Tactical and their custom tactical products visit them at

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