Stephen House SWAT Life Scholarship Award Announced

Breaching Gear Awarded to City of Cranston Police SWAT Team in Rhode Island

Central Florida: This past April 2014 SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity, LLC in cooperation with American Tactical Entry Accessories Manufacturing teamed up to offer a Tactical Entry Breaching Tool Kit to a tactical team in need. Teams from all over the United States were able to submit for a chance to be selected for the award. Many teams submitted but in the end, there can be only one awarded team. The winning team came from the Cranston Police Department in Rhode Island.

This is the first scholarship awarded through the Stephen House SWAT Life Scholarship for 2014. This scholarship honors the memory of fallen Central Florida SWAT Team Leader, Stephen House. Through cooperative effort with companies like American Tactical Entry Accessories and Mfg. the scholarship funds equipment and training for SWAT Teams in need.

SWAT Life and American Tactical Entry Accessories Mfg. sincerely appreciate their brothers and sisters in-arms from around the world that support this charitable effort and honor us with the opportunity to work with them.

Congratulations Cranston Police SWAT!!

“Once again we are honored to play a small part within this honored brotherhood that is the tactical community. It is a privilege to be counted among them professionally and as a business. This scholarship was difficult to award due to the great need. We thank Cranston Police, American Tactical Entry Accessories, and our fans who allow us to give back while honoring the memory of Stephen House.” Cleyton Bray, SWAT Life – CEO

“It is truly an honor to be asked by SWAT Life to give back in memory of Stephen House, and be involved with such a noble cause. It was a pleasure to review and play a part in the selection process. Congratulations to the Cranston Police Dept. SWAT Team. Our Sincere Thank You for all you do, goes out to the runners up and to all Tactical Teams worldwide. We will continue to do what we can to assist the tactical community in the future. Stay safe !” Rich Rosario and Bob Zayas, - American Tactical Entry Accessories Mfg.

Stephen House SWAT Life Scholarship Availability
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