SWAT Life Attends the Tactical Conference to Make a Difference

National Tactical Officers Association 30th Anniversary Conference

Kansas City Mo. - The National Tactical Officer’s Association held its Tactical Conference in Kansas City Missouri this September 21st through the 26th. This is the premier tactical conference held in North America. Over 800 attendees gathered for the opportunity to network and train with some of the top instructors in the Tactical Community. Part of the event included two days – 6 hours each – of a vendor show. Once again bringing out the best companies in operation in North America.

SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity was one of those companies. At the conclusion of the event SWAT Life was able to build resources that will later be available to tactical teams in need as well as raise funds for the Stephen House SWAT Life Scholarship.

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Join SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity next year in Alabama for the 2014 Conference!


“What an amazing opportunity to participate in this the 30th Anniversary Conference with the NTOA. Being a part of such an event and surrounded by our Brothers and Sisters we were humbled by their support. We built up existing partnerships and built brand new ones. We are confident they will benefit our tactical community directly as we continue to pursue opportunities to give back.” Cleyton Bray, CEO – SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity

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