SWAT Life Gives Back in the Name of Stephen House

Stephen House SWAT Life Scholarship Awarded to Delray Beach Police Department

Delray Beach, Fl. - SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity is operated by and for members of the Tactical Community. In keeping with our philosophy of giving back - beginning this past July tactical teams from around the country were offered an opportunity to apply for a scholarship award to attend the world’s premier tactical training and competition event – SWAT Round Up International; held in Orlando Florida. Tactical Teams from all over the country applied but only one could be chosen to be the recipient of the first award from the Stephen House SWAT Life Scholarship. Delray Beach SWAT was that Team.

The scholarship takes its name from Stephen House, a Team Leader from central Florida, killed during a warrant service in 1989. House’s oldest daughter is involved in the selection process and placed the deciding vote for the selection of Delray Beach SWAT. This is the first award from the Stephen House SWAT Life Scholarship.

Delray Beach SWAT is a storied team itself. Their dedication to their citizens, fellow officers, and tactical community as a whole was key in the decision.

“There was not a Team submitted that was not worthy of this award. It was a tough decision but in the end Delray Beach SWAT stood out as a Team we could help with a need and one that we were confident would further a tradition of excellence at SWAT Round Up. This is no small thing – it’s not just us selecting them but them letting us play, a small but honored, part in the future and history their Team. We could not find a better Team to carry Stephen’s name into an international competition.” Cleyton Bray - CEO

“Members of the Delray Beach Police Department SWAT Team are thrilled to be able to honor Stephen House’s memory by competing at this year’s SWAT Roundup International in his name. We understand what it means to lose a brother and how important it is to keep their memory alive. I can’t think of a better opportunity to keep Stephen’s name alive than with this scholarship. The Delray Beach SWAT Team is proud to have its name associated with Stephen House and the Stephen House SWAT Life Scholarship. Every day members of this team strive to become better officers, better SWAT members, better brothers and sisters. We do it without fan fair or recognition. We are the quiet professionals. We are truly humbled that we were selected to be the first team to carry Stephen’s name forward.” Lt. John Crane-Baker, Delray Beach SWAT Team Commander

Scholarship Opportunities

The Stephen House SWAT Life Scholarship supports Tactical Teams in need of training and equipment. Opportunities for people to support the scholarship or learn of future opportunities can be found at

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