SWAT Life Joins with Operation Hawkeye for the "Team 31 Raffle" in Support of Extortion 17 Warriors

Central Florida - Shot Show 2014 was more than expo of the latest and greatest of tactical gear.  It was a showing of support of hundreds of individuals, businesses, and organizations through the amazing “Team 31 Raffle”.  The “Team 31 Raffle” was put together by Operation Hawkeye and meant to raise money for the Special Operations community in memory of Extortion 17. 

August of 2011 Army Rangers were in contact with the enemy called for support. The response was a group of Special Operations Forces who boarded a Chinook Helicopter and moved to aid the Rangers.  Extortion 17 was the call sign of the Chinook.  It was shot down with all 38 souls on board lost.  Military members included Navy SEALS (some from DevGru), Afghan Commandos, and Air Craft Crew.

“Team 31 Raffle” raised over $5,000 during this charitable effort.  SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity participated in this worthy effort.

“SWAT Life efforts remain in the arena of the warrior.  This means that we represent and work to support our Special Operations Brothers and their families.  Like large families the tactical community includes support groups, military personnel, and of course law enforcement.  All are on the front line of an important struggle.  We appreciate the opportunity to remember, honor, and take action with Operation Hawkeye.”  Cleyton Bray, CEO SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity.

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Go to to learn more about this honorable charitable effort and how you can play your part.

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