SWAT Life’s Team Adversity Can Push Some Weights

Central Fl. - SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity joins the list of Sponsors for Scott Gardner, USAPL Powerlifter. Scott began lifting weights early in his life inspired by his father, lifting for football. After Scott was done with college football he began to train in Mixed Martial Arts, and tried natural bodybuilding. He found his new home in Power Lifting. Training, in earnest, in power lifting August 2012 and had his first competition in December 2012 where he took 1st in SHW (Super Heavy Weight) Men’s Open and Police and Fire. Since then Scott has competed in numerous power lifting meets. Most recent he competed in USAPL RAW Nationals where he took 1st in SHW Men’s Police and Fire, and 8th in Men’s open.

When Scott is not competing he is protecting the citizens in upstate South Carolina, and more specifically on his agencies SWAT Team.

In a short period of time Scott has demonstrated an ability to perform derived from the same code he serves with at work:

Dec. 2012: USAPL Law Enforcement Nationals -(SUPER HEAVY WEIGHT) 1st Police and Fire RAW, SHW 1st Men’s Open RAW
March 2013: USAPL Battle at the Border - SHW 3rd Men’s Open RAW
May 2013: Strongest CrossFitter - 1st over all
July 2013: USAPL RAW Nationals – SHW 1st Police and Fire, SHW 8th Men’s open

SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity looks forward to the rest of 2013 in support of Scott as he pushes towards National Competitions this December.

Scott puts significant time at one of the best gym’s in South Carolina:

“We work in support of Tactical Teams and in special cases we work in support of Tactical Athletes willing to share our mission. Scott proves his connection to the brotherhood daily and we are glad to come out and offer our support when we can.” Cleyton Bray, CEO SWAT Life: Brothers for Adversity.

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