On-Demand Webinar: Current trends in counterfeit pills

View this webinar to learn about the importance of identifying controlled substances in the field due to the rise of high potency counterfeit pills

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The evolving nature of designer drugs makes identifying them an ongoing game of cat and mouse between the criminals that manufacture them and law enforcement organizations around the world. With the introduction of high potency synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl, street drugs are becoming more lethal while simultaneously becoming harder to identify. These low concentrations of controlled substances in street level drugs pose a challenge for law enforcement officers as traditional methods and technologies struggle to identify the trace amounts of narcotics present.  

By viewing this webinar, you will learn about: 

  • The unique detection challenges synthetic designer drugs pose to law enforcement. 

  • The increased availability of controlled substances with the Dark Web.  

  • How MX908 excels at identifying street drugs at low concentration, but high potency narcotic mixtures. 

  • Current trends in synthetic designer drugs in pill form. 

  • Case studies where trace detection with the MX908 led to seizures, arrests, and intelligence gathering. 




David A. Godin

David is the Director of Field Forensic Applications for 908 Devices in Boston, Massachusetts. He holds a Masters of Forensic Sciences Degree from Boston University, and a B.S. degree in Chemistry from the United States Military Academy. Mr. Godin served five years as a US Army Chemical Officer in the 110th Chemical Battalion, Technical Escort. During that time, he served as Chemical Analyst and Officer in Charge of the Combined Explosive Exploitation Cell-North in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has trained hundreds of Emergency Response personnel in the field analysis of controlled substances, HAZMAT Operations, and CBRNE Response.

Due to the nature of the webinar content, viewing is limited to government, military, and law enforcement organizations. Therefore, we request that you use your government email address when registering. For questions or to request an exception, please contact  marketing@908devices.com 

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