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Introducing Audio Armor Hearing Protection Headset with Bluetooth Overview

Audio Armor reduces harmful loud noise down to safe levels below 82dB and enhances clarity of surrounding low-level sounds. Pair to your two-way radio. WIRELESS BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY FOR TWO-WAY RADIOS Pair to your two-way radio using EPC’s Air Pro Wireless (for Motorola and Harris radios) Bluetooth dongle & remote PTT switch kit (not included). AMBIENT HEARING Full Dynamic range HD speakers for clear balanced sound. SAFE VOLUME CONTROL TECHNOLOGY 5 X hearing enhancement. Recessed volume control of ambient sound when sound over 82 dB. Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 22 dB+. 2 volume control channels: Two-Way Radio & Ambient Sound. OTHER BENEFITS & FEATURES Ultra low-profile replaceable ear cups. Rubberized coating. Comfortable padded adjustable headband. 2 “AAA” battery operated (batteries not included). Make and receive calls, listen to music with Bluetooth connection. Kit includes: Audio Armor Hearing Protection Headset with Bluetooth, 3.5mm cable, and product manual.

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