Federal Agency adds wireless PTT over cellular to its communications suite

Land mobile radio as the sole form of communications in public safety is a thing of the past. Government agencies and law enforcement are now incorporating other devices, namely cell phones, into the mix in an effort to improve communication consistency.

The primary limitations of two-way channels are restricted range and reception difficulties in certain areas or in some facilities. Meanwhile, cellular networks have improved to the point that communication is possible almost anywhere.

Allen Hunter, an agent with a Federal Police Department, found a solution. He happened upon a new application by Zello that worked with his iPhone and allowed instant voice messaging. To optimize the app, Officer Hunter chose a wireless Bluetooth headset with built-in PTT button by Pryme for enhanced audio and quick access.

"Two-way is fair, but cellular is best when in buildings or for longer distances because the network is better," said Officer Hunter. "It's nice to be able to convey short messages with the wireless earpiece and PTT app, such as 'I'll be at this corner,' which also works well during emergencies."

Officer Hunter wears the wireless PTT headset on his kit armor, usually clipped to his vest. However, because he is frequently out in the field or on detail in high visibility situations, it's important not to attract attention. Pryme's BTH-300 with PTT is discreet, which is also crucial during surveillance operations. One of the other key benefits of this system is that it can dual-pair with a two-way radio and cellphone or tablet simultaneously, so personnel have the option of using either or both.

Before long, over a dozen other agents in Officer Hunter's department were also using the Zello app and Pryme's BTH-300 with PTT. Some use it with their own Apple® compatible wired audio accessory and others use one of Pryme's 8 different headset kits.

Officer Hunter said "They saw me using it and soon word of mouth spread, then it caught fire with 14 other agents in my unit so far." What did those other Federal Agents have to say after using the cellular app with the BTH-300? Nothing but good. They’ve seen about 10 hours of talk time without recharging, and experienced continuous clear communications. Thus the overwhelming consensus is that this package is highly reliable.

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For nearly 30 years, PRYME Radio Products has been a leading manufacturer of high quality products to professional users of mobile communications. PRYME is devoted to innovating new technologies that serve a wide range of industries and uses. All products are designed, engineered and built in-house. PRYME is capable of customizing communication accessories for almost any end-user need. PRYME also offers industrial strength wireless accessories for almost every two-way radio brand and model and now also most PoC application versions, including ESChat, Kodiak, Wave and Zello.

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