‘Nutshellz’ designed to prevent injuries, protect manhood

As sensitive as the subject might be for some people, it’s often front and center for warriors in the middle of the fight. The topic? Protecting the groin area in combat.

Yesterday’s, ABC 10 News from San Diego highlighted a new groin shield developed by former Marine, Jeremiah Raber.

The new protector, dubbed “Nutshellz”, is made from Dyneema, a compound often found in high-test ropes already used by the military. Dyneema is said to be 15 percent stronger than steel and 40 percent stronger than Kevlar.

The protective cup claims to repel a direct bullet strike from a 9mm or .357 Magnum pistol. And, while the Army has already contacted Raber to field test the new device, no soldiers have stepped forward to be the “crash test dummies.”

Lower extremity injuries from roadside bombs have accounted for 1,500 groin injuries in the wars since 2005.

Raber, of High Ridge, Mo., who spent some quality time at Camp Pendleton, says he originally intended the protective cup for mixed martial arts when he began developing the device some six years ago.

Examiner’s Note: There is anecdotal evidence that enemy forces have intentionally devised IEDs to inflict the most possible damage to the groin area of warriors in the battlefield. To combat those injuries, ballistic underwear was developed in 2011 and purchased by the U.S. Marines. The ballistic underwear is made of silk and Kevlar.

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Nutshellz™ bullet resistant groin protectors are high end protective cups for police, military, and the professional full contact athlete. For more information visit http://armorednutshellz.com/.

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