Aramsco Introduces BIO MED WASH - Sterile First-Aid Wash for Law Enforcement

BIO MED WASH from Aramsco Armasco introduces BIO MED WASH: A new indispensable wound management benefit for first-aid or emergency room.

Why first-aid experts prefer BIO MED WASH:

  • All-natural, safe, sterile, convenient, non-allergenic, salinefree, propellant-free, and additive-free.
  • Benefits wound management, wherever standard first-aid calls for washing the affected area in tap water or saline solution.
  • Excellent for cleansing cuts, abrasions and minor burns, softening and removing particulate matter and crusted exudate, and moisturizing traumatized skin.
  • Helps cleanse, soothe and dilute harmful liquid chemicals, such as pepper spray or tear gas, that have come in contact with skin or eyes.
  • Moisturizes dehydrated skin and eyes.
  • Contains pH balanced, hypotonic Bio-Logic Aqua tissue-culture grade of water, proven ideal for skin and eye application.
  • May be applied as often as desired. Gentle enough for children.
  • Free from additives, chemicals, preservatives, propellants and buffers.
  • Compatible with all other first-aid products.
  • Five-year shelf-life.
Trigger Actuator-Bag-In-Can Technology

The specially designed BIO MED WASH trigger actuator emits the Bio-Logic Aqua water as a fine mist, making it unnecessary to touch either the water or the affected site. This helps assure sterility even under unsanitary conditions. Cutting-edge "bagin- can" technology avoids the use of chemical propellants while helping insulate the water against extremes of heat and cold.

Bio-logic Aqua Technologies
Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies Biomedical Research is the world's acknowledged leader in water and hydrotherapy research and water for pharmaceutical application. All company products contain Bio-Logic Aqua® tissue-culture grade of water. Due to a rare combination of purity, a slightly acidic pH (6.4), and mild mineral nutrient content, Bio-Logic Aqua is quickly and beneficially absorbed by damaged tissue.

BIO MED WASH is perfect for Police and corrections officers and is available for $10.00/each. For more information, please visit or call 800-767-6933.

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