Teletrix Corporation Expands Product Line

Teletrix Corporation, the leading manufacturer of realistic training solutions for radiation education and training, announces the addition of the SD900 to its product line. 

The SD900 joins the Company’s groundbreaking product line with an expanded opportunity to simulate the realism of functioning radiation instrumentation without the use of sources of any kind, while continuing to provide the Country’s radiological professionals and emergency responders with affordable, reliable, safe and realistic training simulators to use in exercises involving detection, dispersion and clean up of radiological materials.

About the SD900 Simulated Alarming Dosimeter
Training to use radiation meters to measure dose rate is the cornerstone of radiation training.  With the abundance of alarming dosimeters in the workplace, the training scope has expanded to the measurement and acknowledgement of accumulated dose.  The Teletrix SD900 is the second in their series of simulated training dosimeters of its type in the industry.  The first was the Teletrix SD418.

The simulated alarming dosimeter works in concert, not only with Teletrix Corporations simulated meters and probes but with the Virtual Plumes radiological emergency drill program.

Join Teletrix Corporation at the kick-off of their Twentieth Anniversary Celebration during The Annual Meeting of the Health Physics Society. The meeting will be held from July 13-17, at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh or visit

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