Discipline, Endurance, Excellence - The 24 Hour Sniper Challenge

Arc'teryx LEAF joins partner Deliberate Dynamics to support the 2013 Competition Dynamics 24 Hour Sniper Adventure Challenge, held July 4-7 at the Felix Canyon Ranch, in Mayhill NM.

Extraordinary effort is required of the two-man teams who must complete the 30+ mile course on foot, while carrying all the gear they need to complete a variety of shooting, physical and problem solving challenges during a 24-40 hour time frame.

Conditions can be harsh and due to the prolonged time spent out, equipment failure is a concern. Having the best gear can make the difference to a winning team. Arc'teryx LEAF appreciates what these athletes need and the high pace they set for performance.

Participants of the competition are offered a 35% off MSRP on Arc'teryx LEAF gear via sponsor partner Deliberate Dynamics. Look for Arc'teryx LEAF at the event.

About Deliberate Dynamics
Deliberate Dynamics, Inc. (DDI) supplies professional gunfighters with the best possible equipment.

We actively work to provide the most detailed product descriptions, pictures, and demonstrational videos to help you make decisions on what will work for you. Our products are constantly being tested and evaluated by SOF operators that are currently working in high threat environments around the world. When we say something works, it works in the field, on the road, and when it is supposed to, not just at the local range with your blue jeans on.

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