Official Formation of Vuurwapen Concepts

If you’ve been following the news section of the site, you may have run across the in-depth AAR I wrote on a recent Vuurwapen-Deliberate Dynamics training course, of which a second offering was held recently.

Owner of Deliberate Dynamics and one of the instructors at the course, Jim Staley, sent me a link to the Facebook page for the new training outfit known as Vuurwapen Concepts, in order to differentiate it from Vuurwapen Blog and Deliberate Dynamics as separate entities.

These guys are rock-solid instructors, with real-world experience and a passion for teaching the best methods to suit a variety of applications, whether it’s military, law enforcement, responsible armed citizens, or competitors. Not only that, but the location is breath-taking, the prices are reasonable, and it will undoubtedly be a course you will remember.

I have spoken with both Andrew and Jim, and there will be more of the general carbine course structure as found in my AAR (though more developed, as that was their first official class, as well as with a pistol section that was added in the most recent iteration), as well as pistol-focused courses and more precision rifle-based classes, too.

I am looking forward to stepping back into the classroom (and the mountains of Utah) with these gentleman in the future!

About Deliberate Dynamics
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