Diamond Age NeoSteel™ Tactical Helmet accessories now available

The world’s toughest combat helmet just got even better with the addition of new accessories, and more to come

MCKINNEY, Texas – Texas-based, materials science and ballistics specialists, Diamond Age, unveiled the next generation steel NeoSteel™ Helmet in August, and now offer the first two helmet accessories, designed specifically for the NeoSteel Helmet.

The NeoSteel Helmet is a modular combat helmet produced using the most technologically advanced metal alloys resulting in a helmet that meets and exceeds VPAM-3 + Special Threats ballistic requirements. The design is based on the combat-proven M1 steel-pot helmet and is the evolutionary descendant featuring all-day comfort, balance, protection, and unlike the current K-pot polymer produced helmets today, will not degrade over time and weaken its protective capabilities.

The first two NeoSteel Helmet accessories available are the Combat Circlet and the Face Protector. The Combat Circlet is the ideal mounting platform for night vision gear (NVGs) and other head-worn accessories. Made from durable, glass-filled polymer and using the most advanced additive manufacturing techniques it is securely mounted to the NeoSteel Helmet by four retention-system holes on the helmet. The NVG bracket requires no additional drilling of holes into the front of the helmet and provides bungee cord ports for stabilization and retention. The M-LOK side rails accept accessories directly and can also be used as a platform for Picatinny adapters. The Combat Circlet’s vertical crest allows for additional stability and more accessory-mounting real estate. Future modules in development for the crest include applique blast protection and an applique ghillie module. The rear of the Combat Circlet features a tie-down bar for additional stability without using a counterweight. The Combat Circlet also allows for direct integration with the NeoSteel Helmet Face Protector.

The NeoSteel Ventail face protector offers the wearer an enhanced protection platform from ballistic threats. It covers the face, side of the head, and a portion of the anterior neck. It mounts easily and quickly to the helmet using the four retention system holes on the shell and protects from blunt impact, blast overpressure, and debris. The Ventail is also fully compatible with most ballistic glasses and offers an unconstrained field-of-view while being lighter in weight and tougher than traditional transparent ballistic visors.

“Unlike the composite helmets on the market today, the NeoSteel Helmet will serve the warfighter or LEO for years to come. Advances in steel technologies now enable a helmet that performs better than Kevlar or polyethylene composite helmets in many respects,” Diamond Age CEO, Jake Ganor, commented. “And a big plus for the wearer is that the helmet shell is largely incapable of deformation, so there's a greatly reduced risk of behind helmet head trauma.”

For agencies concerned with “behind armor trauma,” in which the LEO or warfighter suffers from neck injuries due to the head acceleration from a ballistic hit, the NeoSteel Helmet spreads the kinetic energy load across the entire padding system protecting from any blunt impact injuries. Only the NeoSteel Helmet gives the wearer edge-to-edge protection with over 110 square inches of solid protection.

Diamond Age NeoSteel Helmet is now available in Black, Green, or Tan and in Medium or Large/Extra-Large for an MSRP starting at $195.00. The Combat Circlet is an additional $125.00 and the Ventail face protector is $187. Please allow anywhere from seven to fifteen weeks for helmets with accessories to ship.

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