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Meet Officer Luciano Colantuono – Safariland SAVE #1772

While Officer Luciano Colantuono was attempting to make a felony arrest, the assailant opened fire, killing Officer Colantuono’s K9 partner and hitting Officer Colantuono in his ABA® XT2 armor. Officer Colantuono and his partner Officer Chris Duthaler returned fire, fatally wounding the assailant. We welcome Officer Luciano Colantuono, SAVE #1772, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®. The SAVES CLUB® honors officers who, during the line of duty, experienced a life-threatening incident in which their Safariland Group armor or gear contributed to saving their lives. These heroes become advocates for the law enforcement community, expressing the importance of wearing body armor, providing safety tips derived from their own experience and serving as living proof of The Safariland Group creed: Together, We Save Lives. See our SAVES at https://inside.safariland.com/saves-club/

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