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Alien Gears ShapeShift is not just a holster - it's a modular carry system capable of changing to suit the user's desires at a moment's notice. In a matter of seconds, you can configure an IWB holster into an appendix carry holster, a high ride belt slide or paddle holster. Each holster design has been painstakingly tested to ensure nothing less than perfect function in every configuration.

The ShapeShift was designed from the ground up to be able to not only offer several modes of carry, but to do them all as well as a holster possibly can.

The ShapeShift is able to do this by means of the shell system, which took over 2 years of R&D to perfect. The ShapeShift shell system has a friction-locking rail system on the shell edges, which allows it to lock into place with either a trigger guard shell and a backer or a second full-length shell. Combined with the included twist-locks, this allows the ShapeShift to take multiple configurations without any loss of structural integrity.

We've also created a proprietary ultra-durable polymer for the ShapeShift's components, including the holster shells. Under normal conditions, this holster and it's parts are nearly unbreakable. You won't have any issues getting decades of service from the ShapeShift.

Adjustable passive retention can be used with any configuration. Some configurations are compatible with active retention as well.

All you have to do is pick the configuration you want when you want it.

Fans of traditional IWB carry will love the ShapeShift IWB holster. Attach the trigger guard shell to the full shell, and dock with the included IWB backer in the ShapeShift kit. This holster features a nearly identical backer to our Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster, as it features the same neoprene back pad and spring steel core. Set the belt clips to your preferred ride height and grip cant, and enjoy IWB carry as good as it gets in this or any other galaxy.

Prefer appendix carry? Attach the same shell configuration to the smaller backer, which is also finished in neoprene and has a spring steel core for great comfort and durability. Then insert the appendix carry belt clip and experience the most comfortable AIWB holster in existence. Perfect for easy on/easy off concealed carry.

You can forego the appendix clip and attach the two included belt slide clips. This creates a high-ride belt slide OWB holster. OWB concealment is easy in this configuration, usually requiring as little as an untucked shirt.

For the ultimate OWB holster, attach the two full shells together and close the twist locks. This gives you a pancake holster made from our proprietary ultra-durable polymer. You can wear it with a belt slide attachment or a paddle attachment if you happen to prefer a paddle holster. Wear this holster with the included passive retention bar, an active retention device or both. This holster is great for general wear, range use or outdoor carry.

The IWB and paddle holster ShapeShift configurations are also compatible with our Cloak Dock holster mount as well. It really is a whole new universe of possibilities for carry. 

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