Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom Gifts Ping4’s Hyperlocal Citizens Alerts App for Hampton Police Department To Help Keep Citizens Safe

“Geo-location” based smartphone app instantly notifies the populace about dangerous storms, missing persons, traffic situations, crimes in progress, as well as coming attractions at the Casino Ballroom and other promotions and specials from local retailers

HAMPTON, N.H.- The Hampton Police Department announced today that the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom has funded the deployment of Ping4 Inc.’s Hyperlocal Citizens Alerts app that instantly notifies people of dangers and emergencies wherever they are in the world.

Upon deployment, citizens can download this free app on their Apple or Android smartphones and iPads to be instantly notified about natural disasters, dangerous storm situations, missing persons, traffic situations, terrorist attacks, and local crimes in progress. The Casino Ballroom will also use the system to broadcast information on shows, events and promotions at the Casino Ballroom and other local retailers along the Hampton Beach boardwalk.  
“We expect this app to be very useful as our population increases from 15,000 year round residents to 150,000 in the summer,” said Hampton Police Chief Jamie Sullivan. “This allows us to significantly increase our reach to our citizens and visitors, enabling us to notify them of riptides, missing children, crimes, traffic congestion and much more.”

“The Casino Ballroom is pleased to make this contribution to the safety of our local citizens and our visitors to Hampton Beach,” said Fred Schaake, Jr., General Manager, Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. “We have had a longstanding relationship and commitment to local law enforcement and the protection of the people who live in and visit our community. We also view Ping4’s hyperlocal alerts solution as a revolutionary medium for reaching mobile consumers with valuable information on events, deals and promotions at the Casino Ballroom and along the boardwalk.” 

Ping4’s hyperlocal alerts leverage proprietary geo-fencing technology and Ping4’s ability to deliver full rich media alerts means that users’ phones can be awoken and alerted with a pop-up, text or audio message, as well as a video or digital photo of the specific emergency situation or local happening. Law enforcement authorities can enlist help from the community in solving crimes via a truly anonymous “A-Tip” feature. The app works over GPS and cellular networks as well as in Wi-Fi hotspots and doesn’t tap data plan minutes or place undue strain on smartphone batteries.

“The Casino Ballroom in Hampton Beach has long been an innovator in identifying and using technology in promoting the music business,” said Michael Welts, SVP, Marketing, Ping4, Inc. “Many of the music and comedy industry’s  top performers have performed at the Casino Ballroom and it is a big draw to our local residents and our many summer visitors. We applaud Fred Schaake Jr.’s concern for the public and his willingness to give back to the community in such a meaningful way.”

Ping4Safety is universal free app that that allows citizens to be informed of local public safety alerts wherever they travel in the world. Police can now alert citizens in specifically defined locations as small as a parking space or as large as a continent, in a specific store or shopping mall, or an entire city or state. Ping4Safety is Ping4’s agency-facing solution for local, regional, state and national law enforcement agencies, emergency management agencies, public utilities and educational institutions who look to deliver real-time, Hyperlocal Citizens Alerts.

In addition, the Citizens Alerts app features local merchant deals and offerings through its Ping4Business solution, a unique product that brings value to the user and increases the likelihood of the app staying on the smartphone. It also includes a rich search tool with compass and mapping information. 

About Ping4
Ping4’s free Hyperlocal Citizens Alerts app, Ping4Safety instantly notifies you of dangers and emergencies wherever you are in the world. Immediate information is often the difference between life and death. Ping4 is the only app to put lifesaving information in your hands immediately wherever you are. Ping4 is a privately held company based in Nashua, NH that specializes in the development of real-time, highly scalable, geolocation-based alerts for use in mobile applications. Ping4 Inc. has created a new medium for location-based services for shoppers, merchants, law enforcement and public safety authorities. For more information, please visit For more information, please visit

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