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Part of our mission at Estes AWS is to serve as your innovative security partner, helping to protect law enforcement and communities. One of the ways we fulfill that mission is by providing you with not only rapidly responsive automotive weapon lockers, but also accessories that allow officers to quickly access gear when the need arises.

Electronics Tray

The Estes AWS Electronics Tray provides an economical, convenient, and functional solution to finding electronics storage in your police SUV. It is made of 16-gauge galvannealed steel and features a ventilated, grommeted design. The Electronics Tray is simple to install—either mounted directly to our Rapid Access Weapon Locker or installed in conjunction with our Auxiliary Drawer. The tray still allows access to your full-size spare tire in a Ford Police Interceptor Utility, and can be paired with other Estes AWS weapon lockers and accessories. The Electronics Tray is ideal for freeing up space in your vehicle and provides a safe and convenient place to store your electronics. If your department needs a more secure, convenient storage location for their fleet’s electronics, contact us today.

Auxiliary Drawer

The Estes AWS Auxiliary Drawer is designed for the officer that is always looking for extra space. This accessory is a separate drawer that can attach below any of our SUV Weapon Lockers or our SUV Storage Box. The 14-gauge galvannealed steel construction resists rust and the black powder-coat finish pairs perfectly with other Estes AWS products. The Auxiliary Drawer has locking capabilities, allows officers to store items close to their weapons without taking up valuable space in the weapon locker, and enables access to those items without exposing the weapons secured in the locker. The Auxiliary Drawer is a compact solution that keeps your gear out of sight and locked away.

Fence Package

The Estes AWS Fence Package helps to organize items without having to open a drawer or push a button. Made of 16-gauge steel and powder-coated, this package is just as durable as our other AWS accessory products. Sometimes equipment can shift as vehicles move from place to place, and the Fence Package serves as an extra storage barrier that keeps gear from sliding to the passenger seats. The Fence Package can be easily added on to any locker/storage configuration with minimal installation time, providing additional, open-access storage space.

Cargo Barrier

The Estes AWS Cargo Barrier can be easily integrated with multiple SUV configuration options and is installed on mounting points already configured into the design of the Estes AWS SUV Weapon Locker 2.0. The barrier is constructed with 16-gauge steel and has a formed channel around the perimeter for added strength. This Cargo Barrier gives an officer additional open access storage space on top of the locker while at the same time keeping items from sliding forward into the passenger areas of the vehicle. The Cargo Barrier also restricts access to weapons and gear from the passenger seats of the police SUV, keeping equipment safe and out of the wrong hands.

As you can see, there are many options with Estes AWS Accessories – they can be used together or separately in conjunction with the SUV Weapon Locker or Storage Box, purchased individually or as part of a package. They can also be installed in a variety of SUV models, including Ford, Chevy, and Dodge.

Keep your officers and community protected with the help of Estes AWS Accessories. Contact us for more information!

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