Oregon-Based ArmorerLink™ Is Making Streets Safer for Cities Everywhere

Armorer Link developed a revolutionary firearms management system (FMS) that is helping law enforcement agencies combat lost weapons. Armorer Link offers an efficient cloud-­‐based software program for the tracking, training and maintenance of firearms.

Armorer Link, Inc. CEO Joe Ganete developed Armorer Link FMS after personally experiencing the challenges law enforcement agencies face tracking firearms, and the monumental task armorers face when coordinating preventive maintenance, repairs, and associated record keeping.

Ganete said, “Law enforcement professionals are experts at adapting and overcoming challenges, as such, because of limited budgets, agencies create firearm tracking and maintenance systems using 3 x 5 cards, paper forms, spread sheets, database programs or adapt to record management systems.”

That’s where Armorer Link comes in. A purpose built application offering a simple and intuitive interface, allowing end users access of data for quality checks, maintenance schedules, and assignment of firearms to a specific user helping to keep the entire department records up-­‐to-­‐date and accessible from anywhere using cloud technology. For example, officers can book firearm service appointments, take inventory, and record firearm qualification scores using a mobile device and Armorer Link’s built-­‐in mobile applications.

In addition, the system works off-­‐line for range qualifications and capturing training attendance records in areas where access to Wi-­‐Fi or Cellular Service is not accessible. This is just the tip of the iceberg; the application features a collection of modules and functions such as inventory management and capacity planning which is often associated with complex programs costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Armorer Link solution is affordable, allowing small or large agencies to own state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art technology.

“Over time, knowledge dilutes,” stated Ganete. “At first, people are diligent and follow procedures exactly. Within a few years, those same people start to cut corners.” Ganete believes this is one of many reasons firearms are lost and/or not consistently armored. With Armorer Link™, the procedure is set and the entire agency is synchronized because everyone has access to feature rich software based on lean six sigma methodologies.

There are several major advantages to Ganete’s system. The main benefit is overall risk management and performance; hence their tag line “Linking risk and performance”. Using Armorer Link reduces the likelihood of malfunctions and lost firearms (risk). The software is the first affordable way to combine all the necessary elements to mitigate risk (performance); similar systems could be created only by using a mix of different programs at a much greater cost and complexity.

Finally, this program forecasts the end of the service life for each firearm, helping departments to budget and prepare accordingly. “This is a win-­‐win situation for cities, law enforcement agencies and officers,” said Ganete.

Ganete hopes his system will be adopted in departments across the US and abroad. Their commitment to safety along with quality is evident in their initial product offering. Armorer Link maintains consistency over time, making it an excellent choice for law enforcement agencies around the country and abroad.

About Armorer Link

Armorer Link is an affordable and simple to use cloud-based solution for managing the tracking, training and maintenance of firearms. AmorerLink is more than just armory management software. By utilizing barcode technology, lean processes and smart programming, ArmorerLink is a complete firearm management system that creates a seamless flow between multiple departments within your agency. Our software is also suitable for any law enforcement agency, government department or private company that requires its employees to carry firearms.

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