Make sure home gun safety is on your holiday list!

As I was mentally making a list of things I needed to buy, do, and remember for the upcoming holidays, I suddenly remembered this: For the first time in many years, we may have a toddler coming to visit! My great nephew, who will be 13 months by Christmas time, will probably be coming to spend a few days with us. "Unload and store all the guns out of reach" went to the very top of my list.

The holidays can be blissfully controlled chaos but in all the rush of the season, which for us often includes extra duty jobs, hold overs and a general increase in activity, we can become complacent about home firearms safety, especially if we're not used to kids in the house.

Toddlers are surprisingly mobile and resourceful. Putting you pistol on top of the fridge when you get home from work may be your habit, but a motivated three year old can find their way to that gun, especially if the adults are distracted in another room, catching up on the latest family gossip

Grade-school aged kids are extremely curious, especially if they have never been around guns. Knowing you're a cop, a young guest may ask "Can I see your gun?" If you just push them aside with a "no" that may spark their curiosity and put them on the hunt to find that weapon.

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