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Defend IR

When you are in law enforcement, your vehicle is not just transportation. It is your office, your storage locker, and your home. You take every precaution to secure and protect your patrol vehicle. Unfortunately, your patrol vehicle is never truly safe from criminals who bypass your precautions to steal the tools that you use to serve and protect. To protect your home and property, you can invest in security systems, alarms and cameras, but until now, there was little you could do to prevent patrol vehicle break-ins. That is why Jotto Desk has developed the Defend IR, the first infrared security system explicitly designed for patrol vehicles. When armed, the Defend IR monitors the interior of your cabin. If movement is sensed, the Defend IR utilizes the lights and sirens of the patrol vehicle, alerting everyone around a break-in has happened and startling a potential thief before they can steal your police equipment. Jotto Desk makes products that protect you while you serve and protect. When you're off duty, the Defend IR is on.

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