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New for 2021- 300 Blackout 198 Gr. Dual Performance

Everything that is old is new again. Originally designed by JD Jones of SSK and called the 300 Whisper, this unique cartridge now generally called the 300 Blackout allows one weapon the option to fire a supersonic cartridge with power approximately equal to the Russian 7.62x39, or with a change of a magazine, to fire subsonic ammunition, that with the use of a suppressor, makes the cartridge, if not silent, much quieter, and likely to be noticed or recognized as a gunshot. Better for not disturbing the neighbors. One of the challenges of choosing the quieter subsonic version is getting effective on target performance with a velocity of around 1000 fps. Most bullets, especially rifle bullets do not expand well, or at all, at that velocity. Black Hills Ammunition now offers a very good solution to that problem. Enter the 198 grain Subsonic Dual Performance round. This round not only expands to provide good terminal performance, after expansion, the three expanded petals separate from the shank of the projectile to cut three separate wound tracks, further increasing terminal effectiveness. The shank of the projectile then continues on to penetrate to around 20” as demonstrated in 10% ballistic gelatin. This is an optimum balance of on-target effectiveness and penetration. This is accomplished through the magic of CNC machined monolithic projectiles made by Lehigh Defense for Black Hills. With precision machining of sold copper it is possible to design and produce projectiles that accomplish things not possible with conventional lead core projectiles. For missions requiring quiet performance, look to the quiet professionals at Black Hills Ammunition, and the 300 Blackout 198 grain Dual Performance round.

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