SENTRY Tactical™ CEO, Mike Noell, chats with TacticalPay Radio’s Brett Grayson

From Navy SEAL to the founder of BLACKHAWK! to CEO of SENTRY Tactical™, Mike Noell discusses his passion for making products that enhance human performance with TacticalPay’s host, Brett Grayson, on the TacticalPay Podcast. 

Virginia Beach, Va. – Mike Noell, CEO of SENTRY Tactical™, was recently featured as a guest on TacticalPay Radio with host Brett Grayson. Grayson jumped right into the podcast summarizing Noell’s background as a Navy SEAL, leading into his founding of BLACKHAWK!, a highly reputable brand that dominated the tactical gear market for over a decade, and introducing Noell’s new endeavor, SENTRY Tactical™.

Grayson asked Noell to share why after a successful run with BLACKHAWK! he did not just sit on the beach and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Noell explained that he feels he was put on this earth to do what he is currently doing, which is designing, manufacturing, and marketing products that enhance human performance. The products that SENTRY Tactical™ produces are designed and made to enable special operation forces, police, and even sport shooters to perform their mission or job better.

When asked if BLACKHAWK! was a competitor to SENTRY’s product line, Noell responded that the products are different and don’t compete but acknowledged an overlap in customer crossover. He pointed out that SENTRY is focused on producing the next generation and the next level of equipment for their military, law enforcement, and special forces customers.

Noell admitted that “you are only as good as your last operation,” and has built on his former successful business model by bringing back his former executive team, operations, manufacturing, and marketing under the new SENTRY Tactical™ banner. “SENTRY is light years ahead of BLACKHAWK!,” Noell added, also revealing that SENTRY is working on Tier 1 level products that the company will be able to scale toward other markets from law enforcement to shooting sports, and hunting.

At SENTRY, the focus is on providing a solution to a problem or a requirement. As an example, Noell explained that their modular 1080-2 Molle/PALS system is made with hydrophobic materials that will not absorb water, and therefore is corrosion, mildew, and mold resistant, while not increasing in weight due to water absorption. This, he explains, is a facet of the solution they are working on for their military customers, as is micro-adjusting capabilities. By allowing individuals to micro-adjust their gear, operators, police, and first responders can maneuver quickly and confidently and stay focused on their job instead of their gear.

In summing up the conversation, Noell reflected on his competitive sailing in his youth, his Navy SEAL service, and years as an entrepreneur, by letting listeners know that the thing that gets him up in the morning is what he and his SENTRY team are doing to support and enhance mission effectiveness for special forces, military, and law enforcement. Noell also warned prospective entrepreneurs, that creating your own business is the hardest thing he has ever done, although, it is something Noell and his team at SENTRY are passionately pursuing again.

Listen to the complete Tactical Pay Podcast here.

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