The Gila Strike 54r Sniper/Marksman Rifle

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: TUCSON, AZ (March, 2015): .Gila Defense Systemsintroduces the Gila Strike 54r (GS54r) sniper/marksman rifle. The American/European Scope Rail System GS54r provides a highly mobile and easy-to-handle rifle to replace PSL and SVD platforms. The full-auto variant offers greater firepower and mobility than the lighter caliber RPK and RPD machine guns. The full-auto model is the only squad automatic weapon, which when used as a semi-automatic, will act as a counter sniper/designated marksman rifle.

The Gila Strike 54r was designed with an improved front and rear trunnion allowing for larger calibers, as well as use of heavy ball 7.62 X 54r. The new 24" heavy barrel adds improved accuracy surpassing traditional PSL and SVD rifles. It's accuracy offers an extreme sniper effective firing range of 1,300 – 1,500 meters. Another big plus is the GS54r is AR accessory compatible allowing the use of AR series grips and stocks. Additionally, the GS54r has a patented scope rail system providing a stable platform to mount all modern and legacy night vision and optics and allows for dust cover removal without removing optics. The GS54r offers fully auto and semi-auto configurations with high-capacity magazines of 5, 10 and 20 rounds.

To improve weapons handling, the unit features an advanced muzzle break that reduces recoil minimizing operator fatigue and creates a stable platform for multiple shot scenarios. These features increase the combat effectiveness of the GS54r over traditional PSL and SVD rifles and increase the firepower at the squad level. It also provides PKM machine gun level impact without the added weight and limited mobility. The perfect combination for your next mission!

Gila Defense Systems products are made in the U.S.A.

More about GDS - Gila Defense Systems provides engineering expertise to the manufacturing of small arms, ammunition and other unconventional warfare devices. If you have a challenge don't hesitate to reach out to us to help you find a cost effective solution.

We are proud to announce the availability of the GS54R designated marksman rifle in 7.62X54R. These rifles are based on the robust PSL rifle with numerous improvements to modernize the weapon and greatly improve its accuracy. For the first time a 7.62X54r semi / full auto rifle can complete and win against any national match grade rifle on the market. This rifle is the best of the East and the West. Enjoy accuracy, modern accessories and ergonomics with the legendary AK gas system reliability. Take a Monster to the range, the Gila Strike is ready to be put to the test!

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