3 standout guns at Range Day with SIG SAUER

The SIG team floods the line with an array of great guns - here were three of my favorites

Sig Sauer is known for hosting a tremendous range day at the Clark County Shooting Complex on the Monday before the annual SHOT Show ‘officially’ gets underway.

The SIG team floods the line with an array of great guns, and even greater men and women from the company to walk you through existing and new products for law enforcement.

This year was no different, and three firearms stood out from the rest.

PoliceOne Editor in Chief Doug Wyllie tests the P320, the MPX, and the MCX at Range Day with SIG SAUER.
PoliceOne Editor in Chief Doug Wyllie tests the P320, the MPX, and the MCX at Range Day with SIG SAUER. (PoliceOne Image)

The P320
Last year at SHOT, Sig introduced the modular P320 pistol and this year Sig added a .45-caliber variants as well as subcompact models. The best part  is that the parts are so interchangeable. Want more cartridge capacity? Want more barrel length? As the press release says, it’s “as easy as fieldstripping the gun.”

The trigger pull is smooth at around five and a half pounds, and the gun puts rounds reliably where you want them to go.

The P320 is available in 9mm, .40S&W, .357SIG and .45Auto.

For a shooter familiar with the AR platform, the new subgun from Sig is a subgun dream. Everything is where you want it to be, and all the controls are ambidextrous. It’s quick, smooth, light and controllable. You can change barrel length, caliber, and stock configuration in a flash in the field. For example, you can go from a four-inch barrel, all the way up to 16-inches very easily depending on your needs and objectives.

Back at your armory, you can make myriad other changes to suit your mission requirements. Want to change the trigger? Swap out the grip? Done and done. It’s essentially an AR subgun.

The gas-operated short-stroke piston system offers “unequalled reliability in the field, even under the most adverse conditions,” says the literature. And I believe it. I drove the gun hard (for the limited number of rounds allotted to me), and had no problems.

Saving perhaps the best for last, one of the highlights of Range Day at SHOT Show 2015 for me was shooting the SIG MCX in .300 Blackout. In the configuration in which it was handed to me — and like the aforementioned other firearms for SIG, there is an amazing modularity to this current offering — the rifle was incredibly well-balanced.

Looking to put out a “short-barreled, silenced, lightweight rifle-caliber system,” Sig ingeniously looked to the abovementioned MPX — and they nailed it.

Changing between .300 Blackout and 5.56 NATO is as simple as swapping barrels and op rods with the turn of a couple screws.

“Converting to 7.62x39mm simply requires an additional bolt face change. All of this can be performed by the user in the field,” according to SIG.

Barrel length can also be easily changed, with 16-inch and 9-inch versions initially available.

Following the theme of the MPX, the lower receiver offers all the familiar AR controls, with ambidextrous selector and magazine release. It has all the picatinny rails you’d want for lights or optics.

The SIG MCX in .300 Blackout had virtually no felt recoil, and presented almost zero muzzle rise even on full-auto. It is — as were all the SIG weapons tested today — a damned fine gun. 

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