Facebook Forum: Duty weapons of your dreams

If you were your police department's armorer and money was not an object, what would you choose for duty weapons?

By Police1 Staff

"If you were your police department's armorer and money was not an object, what would you choose for duty weapons?" We recently posed this question to our Facebook fans, and the response showed that our readers have varied loyalties and preferences when it comes to brands and types of weapons. Here's a selection of what you said you'd choose.

Let us know in the Comments section whether you would go a similar route.

1.) "Personally for me it would be HK USP .45C . I have been in two shootings with this weapon and I'm alive." — Jason Louis

2.)  "I like the trusty true almost indestructible Glock...practical and it does the job. It's not about chrome or fancy names — if I have to pull it out, it's about reliability." — Brandon Pate

3.) "Larue OBR 5.56 for patrol and CID, along with Sig P226 in .357 Sig, Benelli M4. DM's would get the OBR in 7.62 with Trijicon ACOG's or Nightforce for longer ranges. Sig P224 in .357 Sig for off-duty and backup. Tactical would get Wilson Combat 1911's, MP5's, and Knight's auto rifles. Just a thought..." — W Todd Smith

4.) "Shooter's choice on a side arm, limited to a specific caliber (for ease of supply), and an Alexander Arms Beowolf (Ar-15 chambered to .50cal)." — Doug McNeal

5.) "Handgun: H&K MK23. If it's good enough for the US Special Forces, it's good enough for a police officer. Long Gun: SIG 551, no explanation required!" — Jb Wheeler

6.) "If I had unlimited money then I would spend it on training...all these toys are no good if the officers don't know how and when to use them!" — Jon Reickert

7.) "CZ 75 or P-07 for uniform, CZ 2075 for plainclothes and admin. RRA in 223 standard with a few 308 mixed in and Remington 887s." — Kyle Shuping

8.) "Springfield XDm. Double passive safety far better than Glocks' one. Better trigger action then the M&P. And better interchangeable backstraps then any polymer. Plus the grips are great for hands that might not be all that dry to keep firms. LEOs in hot steamy locations would benefit from that." — J. Spike Rogan

9.) "Kimber ProCarry TLE/RL. Great gun, accurate and reliable. One of the best guns I've shot." — James Boyd

10.) "THOR's Hammer." — Scott Harrison

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