First Responders treating other First Responders, fixing "Broken Blue"

Why choose The National Law Enforcement & First Responder Wellness Center at Harbor of Grace when considering emergency substance abuse or mental health treatment for your police officer or other First Responder?

There are actually many reasons that separate The National Law Enforcement & First Responder Wellness Center from other treatment centers that tout a Public Safety Wellness Program or track. Why do over 300, both large and small police and fire departments, choose to trust us with their most valuable asset, their human capital?

First, it is the Team. Our team is made up of active and retired police officers, firefighters, SWAT medics, EMT’s, military veterans and mobile crisis personnel that have almost 200 years of combined public service experience and 125 years of combined personal recovery. They are all licensed therapist, professional interventionists, crisis negotiators and Critical Incident Response Specialist.

In additional to the highly trained First Responder Team, a support team of approximately seventy team members consisting of nursing and medical staff that includes a triple-boarded psychiatrist, counselor aides, adjunct therapist, guest lecturers, fitness trainers, yoga and pilates instructors and regional Peer Support personnel that stand ready to serve and assist the team in any way.

Second, it’s the Service. Depending on the circumstances of the first call, an inquiry could mobilize a small team of experts to your agency (at not charge) to aid in an intervention on a non-compliant or officer expressing treatment hesitancy. A brief telephonic assessment of the patient or situation will determine if our trained intervention team needs to be deployed or in transportation provided by us is in order. Within 200 miles of our facility, our Critical Incident Response Team will marshal the necessary resources to pick up that officer or first responder and transport him/her safely to treatment within hours of the first call when possible, at no charge of the officer or agency. Our motto “We fix Broken Blue”, means that we will get that officer out of harms way and into a safe treatment environment that includes a thorough bio psycho-social assessment and an in-depth psychiatric assessment almost immediately upon admission. Our medical team is prepared for admission 24 hours/day that receive expert medical and psychiatric care that includes detox where comfort medications are dispensed by our highly trained emergency-room nurse staff that provide 24 hour a day monitoring and assessments.

Third, it’s our Program. The treatment program at the National Law Enforcement & First Responder Wellness Center, focuses on the immediate crisis first, which may include detoxification and psychiatric stabilization before integration into the patient community. Great care is taken to examine the individual’s profile, personality, and circumstances before being assigned to a specific therapist who specializes in their needs. A complete team of experts who are first responders themselves are available to provide whatever therapeutic modality is needed to move the patient forward in their treatment. Daily therapy includes individual and small group therapy as well as psychiatric care as needed.

The First Responders program is designed to cover thoroughly the disease process and the progression as a chronic illness. Small Experiential Group Therapy daily, lectures on the Neurobiology of addiction, Irrational Beliefs, fear in recovery, shame guilt and vulnerability, Cognitive distortions, spiritually and recovery are just a sample of the many recovery topics that are covered while in treatment.

The Disease and Recovery process along with relapse prevention including identifying triggers and craving management are the core areas of the program followed by good healthcare decision making in recovery that is addressed in the continuing care plan that may include an outpatient referral and Peer Support Connections.

For those patients identified as requiring trauma therapy, they will be seen by our therapist that specialize in EMDR and Brain Spotting Therapy. Many are followed after their discharge from inpatient treatment and continue beyond their outpatient experience.

Our Approach. The bottom line is we treat a fellow brother or sister with dignity and respect. Loving support unmatched anywhere to help bolster confidence, promote self-forgiveness, and encourage rapid regrowth and recovery full of hope. We never sit in judgement.

Whether its an EAP, departmental medical director, Wellness coordinator, Command Staff or a Peer Team member, our communication throughout the continuum of care, including the continuing care or aftercare plan is timely and complete. Our goal is to send back an officer or firefighter that is “mission ready”, free from their self-destructive additional with a roadmap to continuing recovery that they can share with others that are suffering.

There is no place like the National Law Enforcement & First Responder Wellness Center at Harbor of Grace, where a public safety officer or first responder can get exemplary treatment and care in a safe setting where dignity and respect are paramount.  We love fixing “Broken Blue”.

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