2018 Police Video Guide: The emerging tech, training and tactics shaping law enforcement

We explore training and tactics for best utilizing these tools and key considerations for procurement in this guide to the emerging video technologies shaping LE

Police officers today have an arsenal of technologically-driven tools designed to better execute their mission to protect and serve, while also enhancing officer safety and improving operational efficiencies.

One of the most transformative of these tools has been the use of video in policing. 

This digital edition focuses specifically on how police agencies can use video tools to transform field operations.

Download this Police1 Digital Edition, sponsored by Motorola, to learn about:

  • Cutting-edge applications of police drones
  • The capabilities and limitations of throwable video robots
  • The issues bystander videos present for law enforcement
  • How to turn BWC footage into actionable data for police officer training
  • How to safely store and protect your video data
  • How to protect your digital evidence from cyberattack

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