Drunk drivers' high-tech nemesis checks the air for booze

A laser device detects alcohol inside vehicles with sophisticated precision


MOSCOW — Drunk drivers in Russia from now on face a brand-new nemesis — a laser device which detects alcohol in the air of your car with sophisticated precision. This brainchild of Russian science is a world first and will be in use by traffic police by 2013.

The new invention, dubbed “Bouton” (flower bud), was demonstrated at the XV Anniversary International Exhibition of Police and Military Equipment — ‘Interpolitex’ — held in Moscow from 25 to 28 October. Bouton can trace even the most subtle fumes of ethanol in a car passing by at up to 150 km per hour. According to its manufacturer, it works in all weather conditions and requires no complex maintenance.

All vehicles are checked remotely in real time, i.e. without the need to interrupt the flow of traffic or conduct a personal inspection of each driver. And it seems there is no way to hide from it — even tinted and reinforced windows will not help.

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