Assisted Patrol Stops Another Crime Spree Zero Thefts since then.

When school starts back up, do property thieves.  A college located in Ohio used Assisted Patrol to stop a theft ring of cells phones 10 days ago.

Dayton, Ohio -  A rash of cell phone thefts occurred in student housing and campus meeting areas.  The university used Assisted Patrol to stop the thefts.  A university police officer dressed out of uniform walked near a high traffics student housing area and left Assisted Patrol behind.

Within 5 minutes, Assisted Patrol was stolen and a uniformed officer responded.  (This might be a new record for fastest theft of Assisted Patrol).  The suspect walked right past the uniformed officer with the stolen cell phone.  When confronted, the suspect denied three times possessing anything not belonging to himself.  At the point, the officer sounded the alarm and the suspects backpack began to ring. Busted!

The officer immediately arrested the suspect in front of his friends.  The suspect was not a campus student, had prior arrests as a juvenile and claimed he was going to take the phone to mall ATM cell phone recycling machine for cash.
His friends got the message about the price paid for stealing on campus.

The campus police were pleased with the ease of use of Assisted Patrol.  They learned how to use the product quickly and were able to start a mission very quickly. 

The officers were thrilled with the arrest.  They were even more thrilled to report no thefts since that night.

We have seen this before.  Arrests made.  Convictions hold up.  (Most suspects plead guilty when confronted with overwhelming evidence).  And property theft stops. 

When will you let Assisted Patrol do this type of work for you?  How valuable will stopping property theft be in your community?  How would you like to report to your community that thefts dropped by 80% or 100% as our customers been able to do?

Join the list of Assisted Patrol customers who are driving property theft crime out of the their community.

Call Gary Brown at 937-475-3939 or email Gary at now!

About Assisted Patrol
Assisted Patrol was developed by Initial Point. We believe that technology can solve everyday problems. We create specialized apps with high technology as well as help high-tech companies bring new technology to the world. It is with this experience that Initial Point released Assisted Patrol.

Police departments across the US are down in numbers. They can’t cut more staff, so extra patrolling without staff is very important. This is exactly why Assisted Patrol was created.

Our Mission: To significantly reduce theft crime by the creating products that police departments and citizens use to protect their private property.


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