Catch and Convict Shoplifters Using Ikena Forensic Software

Burlingame, Calif. - Shoplifting and employee theft cost US businesses billions of dollars annually. Retailers maintain a database of known thieves and shoplifters, and keep photos of the individuals. They compare surveillance images with their photo database of known shoplifters, and if a match is found, they must quickly pass the image to local law enforcement so the suspected shoplifter can be apprehended before leaving the area. Speed is of the essence.

The challenge is that surveillance images need to be high quality in order to be matched accurately to the database, and the quality of images from retail security cameras (also known as CCTV cameras) can vary significantly due to the camera’s location, resolution, and the movement of the individual.

MotionDSP’s Role:
MotionDSP’s Ikena Forensic software is able to significantly increase the fidelity of images captured from video so the clearest image can be matched to the database and given to law enforcement. Employee spots suspected shoplifter. Security staff use Ikena to quickly extract a high quality still image and verify a positive match. Security immediately gives the image to law enforcement so they can apprehend the suspect.

The Result:
Shoplifters who might not otherwise be caught and convicted will be stopped, preventing further loss. Law enforcement does not typically have the resources to apply video forensic services to non-violent crimes. Stores help the police take shoplifters off the street by providing them with high-quality evidence. Stop one or two shoplifters and the software pays for itself.

About MotionDSP
MotionDSP is headquartered in Burlingame, California and is led by an experienced management team, trained at Stanford University and the United States Naval Academy. With subject matter experts and the brightest engineers in their fields, MotionDSP creates powerful solutions to the industry's toughest problems.

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